Saturday, July 5, 2014

Charlie Crist Breaks New Ground in Politics, Finally!

I did say finally because for over 50 years there has been a useless embargo on Cuba with the United States. There was a time where politicians believed that to defeat Castro you needed to isolate him and his island of Cuba from the free world, especially since they turned to the Soviet Union for support and guidance during the Cold War. Who else were they going to turn to that was big enough that wasn't influenced by the United States? Prior to Castro, General Batista ran a very corrupt government in Cuba that was pretty much funded by organized crime here in the United States with Meyer Lansky at the helm. Times changed and then the boat lift from Cuba with people trying to get away from Castro's communist Cuba mixed with released prisoners from Cuban jails fled in whatever would float to get to Florida. Needless to say it went poorly and it furthered the cause to maintain the embargo against Cuba. Times changed and Fidel is not an active ruler anymore, relinquishing his power to his brother to oversee the island as Fidel's age goes up and his health goes down. With the largest population of Cubans being in Florida, reducing or even removing the embargo would allow relatives to go back and forth easily between the mainland and the island as well as allow families to send more money to family in Cuba that may need help. Another thing that's sprouting wings is the desire to invest in Cuba by businessmen who see the island as a new territory that can grow quickly with labor and a desire for people to make a decent wage for a change. Christ, once a Republican Governor in Florida, had in the past gone along with the general thinking on Cuba but admits times have changed and the anger is no longer there, sans a few that still don't want the old openness of Cuba back again in the Cuban community. The overwhelming push is to remove the barriers between the two nations and go a step further and re-evaluate how we've been dealing with other countries south of our borders and finally start top ramp up this country's standing in the world once again. Once the politicians with old rocks in their heads start to look at things 'politically' that is. Charlie seems to have the stones to bring it up and push forward on it during a tough run for the Governors mansion in the upcoming elections!

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