Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pets Are Full of Love, and Other Things Too!

I, we, have had various pets throughout the years and we don't regret any of the time we've had with them, except when they pass away of course. They are so full of love and loyalty, even the cats even though they will never let you know they are. They show it in ways that are far different from dogs, for the most part. The only possible downside to having pets is that sometimes, like people, have off days when they get to feeling 'off'! One of the projects we have coming up is replacing our linoleum kitchen floor with tile and pulling up all our carpeting and replacing it all with hardwood flooring. Why? We have pets and when they get sick they leave some nasty stains in the carpeting that the leading steaming company you see on TV can't even get out anymore. It would be great if we had these house cleaning services at our disposal all the time and they could jump right on a stain before it even gets a chance to dry into the fibers of the carpets. Our last cat, "Patches", passed away in a most unpleasant manor with mouth cancer, rest her soul. She was unable to hold down her food much and when she actually did it would stain the carpet in a different way, that I won't mention here and now. I bought a floor steam machine and it was the wrong kind. I found that out well after the return period. If you have pets and need a machine to clean when no one is available to do it for you then make sure you get a steamer that has moving bristles that will work the fiber and not just spray and suck, what a waste of cash!

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