Friday, November 8, 2013

The Company BBQ Redux

I wrote about our company BBQ last month and was still trying to figure out why I decided to help out. Someday I may realize why but that's another story. Just yesterday I got some "helpful and friendly" feedback from someone who was being 'helpful', not. What I got was some criticism on the equipment that was used and how it pertained to speakers, people not equipment, that didn't know how a mic works and what you should not do with a mic,like dropping it or 'wet' talking while drinking beer! Enough said on that point! The bottom line was that we had to replace one of the good mics because of behavior like this and also because I didn't obtain the best mic spit screen I could get but rather an okay mic windscreen. I don't know if I'll be able to get the dent out of the mic head, not that it matters that much because it still smells like a brewery! I'm hoping I don't have the need to post any further developments on this topic and yes, I did procure a new mic and a quality mic windscreen that musicians use(they know abuse). Now if I can procure decent users of this equipment I'll be doing great!

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