Friday, November 29, 2013

Putting Ideas Together for Kitchen Renovation

Most of the emphasis that's been going on for the kitchen make-over has been either flooring or counter tops. The flooring has taken a turn from wood to either a high-end vinyl product or a non slip ceramic tile. The style will be Tuscan regardless of the material. The counter tops I want to be granite for appearance and especially durability. Marble is out due to potential stain issues from spills. What I want to do while the counter are topless is to replace the bottom slides in the drawers with drawer glides on the sides as they're far more reliable than anything else to use. Besides, everything will be exposed and these drawer glides will be a snap to install. It doesn't get much easier, unless the new counters come in under projected time so I'll need to devote a day or two for just this and if I finish early I'm sure my wife will have other things on her Honey Do list! Did I mention that I need to install a new dishwasher yet? Something else for the list, when finances permit.

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