Friday, November 8, 2013

Poison Proofing Garage Cabinets

I have a new problem in the house that I never had prior to now, a 9 year old nephew! No, the nephew isn't the issue but rather a cause for concern because he's here. I do all my own lawn work which also includes fertilizers and herbicides(poisons)! I keep these chemicals in a cabinet in the garage along with measuring cups and all my relevant paperwork on mixtures of these chemicals! Of course, he's like I was at age 9, he has to get into and handle everything! My yard cabinet was not going to be one of the 'hands on' fixtures he was going to experience. I hadn't even given it an extra thought till I saw him reaching into the cabinet one day and that was enough. I searched the web for some kind of non-locking fastener that he wouldn't be able to get to, let alone see. I found some fasteners on the Reids website that were perfect for the top of this cabinet that I could adjust so he couldn't easily reach or trip open on his own. I was able to mount 4 pull action clamps on the top of the cabinet(2 per door) and adjust for good tension and I also removed the handles from the front. Aside from putting a padlock on the cabinet I think it's pretty protected from accidental access now.

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