Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Her Christmas Wishlist

I had one item I saw on a television advertisement that caught my attention. Why did it do that? It's because it stopped my wife from completing her sentence till the advert was over. I never knew she would be the type of gal that went in for charm bracelets but boy was I wrong. I asked other women at work about them and they gave me an education on why they're desired and how pretty they are and how they like to compare bracelets and charms with other women and so forth. Okay, I guess I kind of get it. I'm a huge fan of watches and she likes bracelets. The charm bracelet happened to be called a Pandora, as well as the store itself was the commercial sponsor, in case I happen to live near a city where they're located, otherwise I could obtain one with whatever charms I/she wanted online. Evidently you can get charms from cities around the world as depicted with famous well know things that when you see them you know where they're from, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris(which I've never been to). I guess this will be the show stopper for her Christmas this year. Hopefully they'll still have enough to go around.

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