Friday, November 29, 2013

Do You Think I'm Saxy?

I've been toying with the idea of taking up a wind instrument again. I played a good deal when I was younger on my fathers cornet but I never learned to play it with proficiency. I came across a tenor sax and my friends place that he never followed through on while in band. He said it felt more like work than fun because of the strict band mentality, something he was happy to shake off when he graduated. I came across it looking through various boxes in his attic and it started me thinking of that coronet again. Not for learning the cornet but learning to play the sax because the sax can talk to you if you know how to listen to it.It speaks through emotions created with sound. It reminded me of when I used to listen to Tom Scott with my friends that were into Jazz when I was younger. One way to get into learning to play is to find some cheap saxophones. With a cheap one I can mess around with it while learning and work up to a really good model when my skills reach the point of making a serious investment into a quality instrument! Kenny G would probably have an easy time with an inexpensive horn but the Tenor sax isn't what I'm leaning towards. I want to learn to play the Alto sax, not the straight tenor like Kenny G(sound is too high for me) and not a Baritone sax(sound is too heavy for me), like many of the best Jazz musicians and many of the recent and not so recent pop players like Timmy Cappello, who played for Tina Turner, as well.

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