Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why Did I Ask To Help Out?

That's right, why did I ask to help out at the company BBQ for our customers? I should have known but I wanted to help and for some reason, maybe because I work with a band doing setup's that maybe I knew a little bit more about sound than they did. So I was picked to buy some sound equipment for the speakers that were coming in to talk about the products we sell. They said they needed to be heard about 100 feet away with clarity and they didn't have a 'low ball' amount directed at me to stay within for the equipment, since it would be used frequently at several labs in the Southeast, the one I'm at and others.

I consulted with my other employer about wireless mikes, monitors, filters for speakers so they don't 'pop' when they talk, and wireless controllers. That was my shopping list(without the specifics but whoa be to those that didn't buy the right stuff)! He said the best part was that he could go out onto a protruding stage and still be clear sounding as opposed to dragging a lengthy cord for his guitar AND microphone!

I put together a list with prices and expedited shipping, got the purchase order approved, and placed the order. No more volunteering for me.