Tuesday, September 17, 2013

John McCain's Waffle House

I used to be confident that John McCain was a war hawk and a far right politician. He's ruining my idea of the perfect war-crat! First he says we need to go into Syria, then he says we need to have boots on the ground to help the poor citizens of Syria against the despot Assad! The he went and blew my mind by agreeing with Barack Obama on a strategic bombing and missile targeting on key Syrian positions(which Assad proceeded to move into civilian areas with all the advanced warning like Saddam did in Iraq from watching CNN)! Now, he wants to back off from military intervention completely! He goes from 'give me a gun and a parachute' to 'we need to talk and resolve this'! Where is he coming from and who has their hand up grandpa's arse that's making his mouth move? The GOP originally wanted a say in what happens in Syria, they pretty much demanded it, and when the President handed it off to them, AS THEY WANTED, they clammed up and didn't know what to do. Maybe they should have kept their mouth's shut and Obama would have handed it all to them when he failed in his missile diplomacy attempt! They just never look back in time to find the proper course for the present. They should because in American politics history ALWAYS repeats itself!

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