Wednesday, September 25, 2013

GOP in Crisis!

Why is the GOP in crisis? Lol, this is going to be a very short article indeed because the answer is very short and very 'to the point'! It's the GOP versus the Tea Party, within the same, or at least we all thought it was, party! The current 'Republican' Party has officially agreed to disagree and thereby made them 2 separate and smaller political parties, with an election year coming up and a Presidential election 2 years after that. Given the current state of affairs the Democrats can probably expect more wins in the future, unless the Dems splinter into the Dem party versus the Coffee Party?

With the GOP and the Tea Party spending so much time trying to repeal health care(41 times to date) for the people that can't afford it, the rest of the country's business, like the budget, has gone by the wayside! They want to shut down the government again to force the repeal of Obamacare, or is it Romneycare(I forget sometimes, they're so similar)! Who suffers? Not them, they still get their paychecks whereas the furloughed government employees will not! Whether you like government employees or not, they're still part of the overall employment picture in the country, in fact every country. You may not like how many there are but most are still needed to run the country, regardless of who is in the White House!

God bless America

Oh yes, don't forget Ted Cruz and his green eggs and ham filibuster? I guess that's what he thought it was. I think he just likes Dr. Seuss!

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