Wednesday, September 25, 2013

GOP in Crisis!

Why is the GOP in crisis? Lol, this is going to be a very short article indeed because the answer is very short and very 'to the point'! It's the GOP versus the Tea Party, within the same, or at least we all thought it was, party! The current 'Republican' Party has officially agreed to disagree and thereby made them 2 separate and smaller political parties, with an election year coming up and a Presidential election 2 years after that. Given the current state of affairs the Democrats can probably expect more wins in the future, unless the Dems splinter into the Dem party versus the Coffee Party?

With the GOP and the Tea Party spending so much time trying to repeal health care(41 times to date) for the people that can't afford it, the rest of the country's business, like the budget, has gone by the wayside! They want to shut down the government again to force the repeal of Obamacare, or is it Romneycare(I forget sometimes, they're so similar)! Who suffers? Not them, they still get their paychecks whereas the furloughed government employees will not! Whether you like government employees or not, they're still part of the overall employment picture in the country, in fact every country. You may not like how many there are but most are still needed to run the country, regardless of who is in the White House!

God bless America

Oh yes, don't forget Ted Cruz and his green eggs and ham filibuster? I guess that's what he thought it was. I think he just likes Dr. Seuss!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Shoes, Barack Obama Flip Flops!

Want to try on some new shoes? They're getting a lot of wear lately and they really should be. Their called Barack Obama Flip Flops because they represent the Presidents foreign policy on Syria and other aligned countries! Way back when this situation in Syria started, before the Sarin exposures, the President was making loud talk on the need to stop anti-humanitarian acts under the Assad regime in Syria. The GOP was pushing for another charge into the Middle East to get a foothold in the region in the event that Iran moved forward with it's nuclear weapons testing and created instability in the region. Russian President Putin told President Obama to stop and not do anything, just wait and talk. Obama did neither.

The real reason we wanted to hold missiles over the head of Assad was to show Iran that we would intervene if they produced nuclear weapons or became actively aggressive in the region. Not for humanitarian reasons. I don't believe that for one second!

The GOP wanted another chance to earn some defense contractor cash so they wanted to go into Syria and create contractor revenues, that they could share($500,000 for a speaking fee? George W is doing a few speaking tours for cash these days). Obama became so aggressive about it that the American people rose up, even though a neurotoxin was used on Syrian civilians, also called rebels! The words used were "alleged" and "suspected" when pointing the finger of blame at Assad. He very well may have initiated the attack but nobody has concrete proof they're willing to come forward with to support an unprovoked attack by us on them!

Congress wanted a say in attacking Syria and when Obama relented and gave into public pressure to do so he gave the decision to Congress to make and they didn't. Next year is an election year and people don't vote politicians that want to go to war for no good reason, after all the years of war we've already had in the Middle East!

Who became the white knight in the end? Who pulled Barack Obama out of the fire? Russian President Putin is who! The one who said to hold off and wait and talk got his way in the end as the great peacemaker between the U.S. and Syria. So sad nobody read the history books once again and stopped history from repeating itself in a new situation.

What would have, should have, been the correct course of action for the President to take? Look at who Syria is allied with. What strong nation is supplying them with support and arms. That's who he should have went to first to settle the problems there, diplomatically! Now Putin is looking the hero and Obama looking weak! Even Iran's new leadership has expressed a desire to get along with the west better, for their sake.

Somebody call John Kerry back to the White House and give him this week's story to pitch to the world. He's been late every time with the current news so far! He was talking bombs when Obama was talking about Congressional control on the decision to attack or talk!

Oh yes, did I fail to mention that the side we were going to shoot missiles for, the poor rebels(why did that rebel General eat that human heart?) were controlled by Al-Qaeda? How doesn't this government not know that we would be, essentially in bed, with Al-Qaeda, after fighting against them all these years? Are they really that stupid or are we, for allowing them to even consider backing them? That would make all those civilian and military deaths meaningless and that's wrong!

John McCain's Waffle House

I used to be confident that John McCain was a war hawk and a far right politician. He's ruining my idea of the perfect war-crat! First he says we need to go into Syria, then he says we need to have boots on the ground to help the poor citizens of Syria against the despot Assad! The he went and blew my mind by agreeing with Barack Obama on a strategic bombing and missile targeting on key Syrian positions(which Assad proceeded to move into civilian areas with all the advanced warning like Saddam did in Iraq from watching CNN)! Now, he wants to back off from military intervention completely! He goes from 'give me a gun and a parachute' to 'we need to talk and resolve this'! Where is he coming from and who has their hand up grandpa's arse that's making his mouth move? The GOP originally wanted a say in what happens in Syria, they pretty much demanded it, and when the President handed it off to them, AS THEY WANTED, they clammed up and didn't know what to do. Maybe they should have kept their mouth's shut and Obama would have handed it all to them when he failed in his missile diplomacy attempt! They just never look back in time to find the proper course for the present. They should because in American politics history ALWAYS repeats itself!