Saturday, August 3, 2013

Printing at Home for Business or Professionally.

It's a tough decision these days when you have a start-up business whether to use a professional printer to do your >print letterhead, signage, business cards and the like or to take the risk and print them at home/home office. I've always been a fan of printing off my trusty inkjet printer and have used many, many different fonts in the past, and present as well but this is a bit different. This is your source of income and you can only make a first impression once and then it's gone forever! Placing your best face forward and getting a good professional stationary job done can create that 'can do!' or 'can do?' appearance for potential customers. If your stationary looks amateur then your potential work could be looked upon in the same light. Best to pay a bit more and get it done right with the best graphics now than scramble later doing damage control when business slips away for no apparent reason!

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