Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gold! Who Doesn't Like Gold?

Well, I for one am not a huge fan of gold. I think gold is a great item to own but everyone knows what it looks like and will often take drastic steps to take the gold you have and give it to themselves. With gold prices up the way they are it seems that everyone looking to make a fast buck will get rid gold for cash any way they can, even sometimes if it isn't their gold to sell. Once the gold is sold it's melted down to base metals and turned into bullion that can never be traced back to it's original form, or owner if stolen. I prefer platinum because it doesn't stand out like gold but has a high value in jewelry form. It's an attractive metal and can be made into the same things that gold and silver can be made into. Platinum rings and necklaces are very durable and possess good value for the money, not to mention the value associated with them later on down the road. A good purchase indeed. Like I said before, platinum doesn't have the high price appearance that gold does so you can wear that high end jewelry without the fear of someone wearing visible gold. Very nice indeed.

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