Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wolverine! You Have Competition Now! Kind Of!

Gold! Who Doesn't Like Gold?

Well, I for one am not a huge fan of gold. I think gold is a great item to own but everyone knows what it looks like and will often take drastic steps to take the gold you have and give it to themselves. With gold prices up the way they are it seems that everyone looking to make a fast buck will get rid gold for cash any way they can, even sometimes if it isn't their gold to sell. Once the gold is sold it's melted down to base metals and turned into bullion that can never be traced back to it's original form, or owner if stolen. I prefer platinum because it doesn't stand out like gold but has a high value in jewelry form. It's an attractive metal and can be made into the same things that gold and silver can be made into. Platinum rings and necklaces are very durable and possess good value for the money, not to mention the value associated with them later on down the road. A good purchase indeed. Like I said before, platinum doesn't have the high price appearance that gold does so you can wear that high end jewelry without the fear of someone wearing visible gold. Very nice indeed.

AT&T Gives You More, Kind Of!

Language may not be for younger viewers!

Blue Screen Of Death Crashes

I've been suffering with the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death screens for too long now. I copy the reason code, usually 0x00000101, that has so many meanings that it's meaningless now! I've tried many utilities and they all tell me that the system is fine, but they're wrong and I wasted money on them. Money not wasted went to a really good back-up program and a good system program. I saw the story about how I could speed up my PC with System Mechanic and I thought it was another gratuitous grab for my cash but between the back-up program and this one I haven't had a blue screen event in days(knock on wood for saying it) and I'm happy and confident I won't get let down during an important transaction on-line and lose my work. One thing I won't do is recommend a product that doesn't work. I think that when you do that it will come back on you and I don't need that in my life. I've been using System Mechanic for several years and it's never disappointed me. On the other side of the coin, I recommended a product that I stood by for years only recently finding out it was contributing to system problems I was having because it was acting like a virus, or malware. It took me a while to erase all traces or it and to start deleting the renewal requests I was getting from the company. A stable system is all I need for my continued happy computing.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Printing at Home for Business or Professionally.

It's a tough decision these days when you have a start-up business whether to use a professional printer to do your >print letterhead, signage, business cards and the like or to take the risk and print them at home/home office. I've always been a fan of printing off my trusty inkjet printer and have used many, many different fonts in the past, and present as well but this is a bit different. This is your source of income and you can only make a first impression once and then it's gone forever! Placing your best face forward and getting a good professional stationary job done can create that 'can do!' or 'can do?' appearance for potential customers. If your stationary looks amateur then your potential work could be looked upon in the same light. Best to pay a bit more and get it done right with the best graphics now than scramble later doing damage control when business slips away for no apparent reason!

Jobs Growth During Adversity

People naturally think that because the economy is depressed, not depression, that the entire jobs picture is bleak. Well, it really isn't because the worst of times also brings a windfall of work for those that are prepared to take advantage of the need for their services. When I say services I'm referring to legal services. People are experiencing foreclosure issues, credit issues, unemployment issues, etc and the people on the other end of your diminished situation are not very understanding when their money doesn't come forth. I've been seeing in print advertisements and television spots as well for services like free consultation bankruptcy, free foreclosure legal advice, and free credit counseling consultations, to name but a few here. It is wise and beneficial to take advantage of these consultations because they may help keep you out of a worse situation when the creditors start to threaten. Look around and shop for the best service you can afford, and some are even free!