Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Good Side Effect of Getting Gout!

Well, there is no good side effect s with Gout but there are some 'perks' we'll say. One of the perks is for the body, not necessarily the mind. You actually need to start watching what you eat and drink. Many foods and beverages I used to partake have become taboo now else a flare will occur and the ensuing pain in my foot will remind me that I screwed up. Red meat is one of my sob stories in fact. Red meat is one of the prime Purine foods that allow uric acid to accumulate in the blood to such a point that crystals will form in a particular area of the body, usually the big toe of the foot in particular. In my case it's the entire top of my foot which wraps under the foot as well. My last doctor told me it was Plantar fasciitis, which I spent a lot of money on to alleviate with good supportive shoes and sneakers along with pricey insoles, that still offered no relief except a minimal amount at the beginning of the day. My new doctor diagnosed me with Gout and confirmed it with blood work(I won't have a crystal biopsy as it's a bit painful). I know this is what I have because the medicine and diet have removed all the pain I was getting for so long. That's why she's my NEW doctor, if you haven't guessed that already.

Now, the benefits of Gout. That really doesn't sound right but since I'm being good with my treatment it is right! First off, I've stopped shopping for plus size bathing suits and began shopping for regular sized ones due to my appreciable weight loss, finally! Another plus is that my blood work has taken a marked turn for the better, much better! All of it, not just a couple of tests. All in all it was getting to be a big concern for me since I'm now in my mid fifties and weight with blood work in the near red is harder to reverse at this age, let alone later on. On top of all of this I quit smoking over six years ago and haven't looked back since. Is a long life assured for me? Nobody knows that one but all else aside I'm trying to stack the deck a lot better than before in my favor.!

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