Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Needed Water Softener Repairs

The last freeze we had in Tampa Bay took it's toll on my water softener. Never in my life had I ever thought that when you have several years of 50-60 degree weather in the winter that a frost, let alone a hard freeze, would occur. This past winter did my softener in, or at least the feed and return lines were done in, mostly by me unfortunately. In order to get the water in the lines to thaw so we could have running water in the house again(softener is located outside at the main because Florida doesn't freeze) I used my trusty heat gun. It melted the ice fast, as well as the hose the ice was in. Doh! I went to the local home supply store and got replacement hoses but this time I got stainless steel hose that can disperse the heat of I need to thaw the lines again. Along with this I got a water heater blanket to hold whatever heat was in the system when the temps drop in the future, which I'm sure will happen again!


Anonymous said...

What kind of water softener do you use? I'd also be interested to know how well it performs (when it's not frozen)

Dave said...

I use a Morton water softener I got, to replace the old one I had, from Lowes. How well does the softener perform? Well, Florida is a limestone state, and that means hard water! The first place we rented before buying a house had no water softener and I wanted to move back to Boston where the water felt good, not 'grippy'! The softener makes your skin feel silky and makes soap really foam up and clean well. Using the softener also has another benefit. You don't have appliance issues like scale or rusting in the water based machines so they tend to last a lot longer than without the soft water! Really! I drained my hot water tank to see if I might have a rust issue and the water came out clean and clear. It's the original hot water tank too! I think it's a great investment but if you have an outside connection I'd recommend having a plumber fix you up with a protected indoor connection instead, if you can afford it. Good luck!