Monday, March 11, 2013

Trying To Determine Cost Versus Expense For Pool

I'm trying to determine whether it's better to continue to treat my pool with chlorine based products(eg: shock, liquid chlorine, stabilizers) or upgrade my system to a salt system. To convert I first need to replace my filter canister with a newer plastic type one that won't suffer from the long term effects of salt being present, albeit in very low concentrations. I also need to add a salt cell to the pump system that will convert a small amount of salt into cleansing chlorine for the pool, not to mention softening the water you swim in at the same time. My area pool supply shop(in Florida they're found every 5 miles)has their own brand they like to pitch but I've heard things and I did my research instead, even though the deals were good. I found a few recommended brands including the Pentair Intellichlor salt cell.

What I liked about it are simpler to understand if you ever lived in a sunny and mostly hot area before. The sun and heat do their best to destroy anything tech, especially if they're plastic based. Electronics that are outdoors don't fare well in the long term and will eventually breakdown after a limited life unless protected properly. The Pentair system does something that no other salt cell company does. They put the needed electronics on the cell rather than a separate power station so when the cell is replaced every year you also get new electronics that monitor the system with no loss of quality. The sad part is that the system is comparable in cost with other cell systems that require separate controls that suffer from heat, sun, and age over time.

This system is used for about a year and is replaced when the cell is replaced basically giving you a brand new system every time you replace the cell.

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