Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dot Matrix Was Useful

There are times when I truly miss my old dot matrix printer. Not the single page one I might add, but the continuous feed one with the streams of paper that would come forth when you'd print something deliberately or sometimes by accident, which seemed to happen more than desired. The one thing that these printers did best was to print banners! Yes, banners. Welcome Home, Congratulations, Get Well, Happy Retirement, whatever! The newest printers today do one sheet at a time and if you want banner printing you need to go to a specialty place that has the equipment to pull it off, far better than the dot matrix I'll concede. The days of the x's , /'s, and O's that made up the letters and background of the dot matrix printing are gone and solids, or designs, make up that domain today. It still was kind of nice to be able to do it at your desk though!

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