Monday, March 4, 2013

A Messed Up Session

I got another taste of working on a music video, albeit a small local one, and it was pretty interesting. Except. I say except for a couple of reasons, one of which was prior preparation. How much prior preparation went into making this video for a friend? It apparently wasn't enough. Camera distances and angles in the finished rushes were pitiful because it looked like someone borrowed their moms camera and started filming. The mike setup was too close and the lighting left a lot to be desired, a little too dark with shadowing on the performer. One of the issues was the masking tape for the camera and performer marks. With all the movement on the floor the tape got peeled up and replaced too many times and invariably moved to the wrong spots and when you're shooting you don't have time to keep checking the accuracy of your marks. Okay, so one of the problems was not using the best gaffer tape we could get since there would never be a chance of it pulling up with normal traffic and another was using the proper lighting. The sound, thank goodness, was spot on so we figure that we can re-shoot and edit around the gaffs and recreate the video we wanted with a few adjustments here and there. My friends younger brother wanted to be involved so we gave him the task of making sure nobody touched the gaff tape anywhere or he'd have to eat any that was moved.

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