Sunday, March 31, 2013

GOP Meltdown, Don't Blink Or You'll Miss It

The GOP or Grand Old Party as the initials mean(literally old) is undergoing a spectacular meltdown across America as I type. Who is to blame? That's easy, the Democrats under Barack Obama! That's right, the GOP is disintegrating because a liberal Black man is sitting in the White House and every conservative knows the White House is supposed to be for whites. Forgive me, I digress. This isn't a racial story but rather a political one and the racial aspect can wait for another article.

If you look carefully at the political agenda that the Conservatives have been addressing lately you'll see a pattern, a muddled one direction pattern, to nothing important in this country today, or for the past few years as a matter of fact!

America is sick and is trying to heal, both financially and physically(healthcare wise) and the majority of Conservatives don't want you to see what's going on to correct these situations. Let me first point out one thing to my readers. I was not always a Democrat, in fact I'm still not one today. I vote for what I deem to be the most sensible and logical plans to continue into the next 4+ years when I vote and lately it's been with the Dems. Why? Why would a former Conservative be voting a Liberal ticket? It's because I'm not a mindless automaton! I read the newspaper, I watch the news(except for Fox and MSNBC because they're too far to the right and left respectively). I see what's going on in this country and how the GOP 'smoke and mirror' politicians are trying to confuse the already confused voters into believing that the only issues today are, 1)Obama's destruction of the health care system, 2)Obama's destruction of the financial system, 3)Obama's destruction of the planned parenthood system, and 4)Obama's allegiance with Gays to destroy the institution of real marriage in America!

What I read in the newspapers and see televised through many opinions and reports is this, by the above numbers.

1) Heath care costs in America are staggering and unless put into proper perspective as far as access and price, will bankrupt anyone that enters into a long term illness or disease. Without a health care option, single payer preferred, America's problems will only expand exponentially. The fattening of America has brought with it a host of new, long term, health problems with Diabetes and heart disease at the top of the list. Both cost money in large amounts over time. How nice to work long hours to have enough to make copays(if you have insurance) on your health problems, a vicious cycle to say the least.

2) Unemployment and the financial stability of America. It must be a real drag to be sick and have no money to buy medicine or a doctors care but that's what the GOP is saying we need. What?! What we need is Americans to be healthy so they CAN work and not be disabled to drag on the economy. Most Americans want to work but don't have employment to go to! Look at Detroit as an example.

It's a ghost town! No work! No police that want to respond to crime! Crime that chases away the police! Foreclosures everywhere! Did I mention there's no employment there? Employment is like an antibiotic, once administered it starts to destroy the unemployment infection and honest people flood back in and the bad element gets forced out again. The GOP is holding back the antibiotics for employment until they can get someone in to take the credit for fixing it, while Americans wait and go hungry, get sicker, and in some cases die waiting for change!

We have nobody to blame but ourselves people! We are the voters and when we vote stupidly we get stupid representation that does nothing but try to make money and increase their power in Washington. We, the voters, have the ultimate control over this but we continue to pass the responsibility on to those that seek to harm the country out of greed and the seeking of power over others. I digress again, sorry!

3)Planned parenthood! Is that 70 year old man or woman who's yelling at the 20 something girl who got pregnant by accident the right person to be lecturing her about what she should be doing? I think not. Will they adopt this child when it's born? Not a chance! Will they directly give her support funds to care for her baby? Not a chance! What will they give her and her new, unwanted baby? A church pamphlet and directions to a church to beg for forgiveness for her sins. I think the church has gotten to entrenched into the government that it's become a cancer unto itself in the running of the country. The founding fathers of America knew this to be an issue that needed to be addressed in the forming of our government and specifically decried it as a bad thing to let happen. I agree with them. America is not a Christian country anymore! It should not be governed by Christian ethics either because of this anymore. America is Christian, Atheist, Muslim, Jewish, Agnostic, Buddhist, Hindu, Unitarian, Wicca, Native American, Baha'i, New Age, Sikhism, and Deist to name but a few of the top 20 religions in America today! Don't they have a say as well? I guess not if those fat old men in Washington have a thing to say about it. Why is the President sworn in with a Bible and not the Koran or the Talmud or another religious object of religious words represented in America? It's because America is run by religious bigots, that's why! I digress again!

4) The Gaying of America by the Liberals! A 2012 Gallup Poll showed that only 4% of Americans are Gay and 96% are either not Gay or choose not to say, but that percentage would still be quite low as the fear of 'coming out' is minimal nowadays. What are the Conservatives afraid of? Do they think homosexuality is a disease that they could contract? I think some of them recently did contract it but a disease it is not. Gay marriage as a talking point is stupid. Marriage, as a religious right, is also stupid. It's all a show because the religious wedding is legally meaningless because it's the finalization of the marriage contract that holds the rule of law! The marriage license, when signed by all parties, is the only legal document of the court, not whatever God you pray to. Religion added to the service is all smoke and mirrors for the show aspect for the guests, entertainment and nothing else! Gays would like to marry as well. I don't think that I'm qualified enough to say who can and cannot be wed. I don't think anybody can. Well, so long as the species is correct that is, can't have Tom marrying his dog now can we, even if it's a bitch. Getting back on track now. There are issues even the Gays haven't fully researched I think. Yes, they can create a legal bond between each other and share finances, even insurance and property. All well and good. It also tells the other partner that they have committed themselves to the other. All well and good. If they so desire they can get a non-Catholic wedding(the Church of Rome forbids this act) in a church by and ordained head of the parish or temple of their choice. All well and good. They can HIRE entertainment, BUY licensing, PAY taxes, BUY family insurance, HIRE catering, RENT a function room, RENT/BUY wedding attire, BUY gifts for the wedding couple, BUY a trip away for a honeymoon, HIRE an attorney to set up retirement finances or establish wills, trusts, etc., and banks write MORTGAGES! Well, do you see where I'm going with this? Gays getting married is good for America. Just like heteros getting married. People are hired and things are purchased. This is how America grows and prospers! If things don't work out? Lawyers get HIRED x2, realtors SELL property, separate furniture is BOUGHT, apartments are RENTED! Just a few of the things that we all have been doing with marriage and we want to tell Gays that they're not worthy enough to help support American business? Why not? Marriage, in it's base form is a legal union of two individuals under the law. It's not a loving union blessed by a God. That's not recognized by the government as a legal agreement! Who does it hurt? The religious zealots, that's who. The small minority with the biggest mouth's, that's who. Who holds the majority to make things right and fair? We do, the voters.

What do we need to do? We need to vote out the old ideas that have been running our government for too long and bring in newer, fresher ideas that will allow us to grow back into the greatest nation in the world.

A 2009 study found that U.S. students ranked 25th among 34 countries in math and science, behind nations like China, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Finland.(a) That's another article!

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Dot Matrix Was Useful

There are times when I truly miss my old dot matrix printer. Not the single page one I might add, but the continuous feed one with the streams of paper that would come forth when you'd print something deliberately or sometimes by accident, which seemed to happen more than desired. The one thing that these printers did best was to print banners! Yes, banners. Welcome Home, Congratulations, Get Well, Happy Retirement, whatever! The newest printers today do one sheet at a time and if you want banner printing you need to go to a specialty place that has the equipment to pull it off, far better than the dot matrix I'll concede. The days of the x's , /'s, and O's that made up the letters and background of the dot matrix printing are gone and solids, or designs, make up that domain today. It still was kind of nice to be able to do it at your desk though!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Trying To Determine Cost Versus Expense For Pool

I'm trying to determine whether it's better to continue to treat my pool with chlorine based products(eg: shock, liquid chlorine, stabilizers) or upgrade my system to a salt system. To convert I first need to replace my filter canister with a newer plastic type one that won't suffer from the long term effects of salt being present, albeit in very low concentrations. I also need to add a salt cell to the pump system that will convert a small amount of salt into cleansing chlorine for the pool, not to mention softening the water you swim in at the same time. My area pool supply shop(in Florida they're found every 5 miles)has their own brand they like to pitch but I've heard things and I did my research instead, even though the deals were good. I found a few recommended brands including the Pentair Intellichlor salt cell.

What I liked about it are simpler to understand if you ever lived in a sunny and mostly hot area before. The sun and heat do their best to destroy anything tech, especially if they're plastic based. Electronics that are outdoors don't fare well in the long term and will eventually breakdown after a limited life unless protected properly. The Pentair system does something that no other salt cell company does. They put the needed electronics on the cell rather than a separate power station so when the cell is replaced every year you also get new electronics that monitor the system with no loss of quality. The sad part is that the system is comparable in cost with other cell systems that require separate controls that suffer from heat, sun, and age over time.

This system is used for about a year and is replaced when the cell is replaced basically giving you a brand new system every time you replace the cell.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness trailer 2013

Star Wars VII News!

A Messed Up Session

I got another taste of working on a music video, albeit a small local one, and it was pretty interesting. Except. I say except for a couple of reasons, one of which was prior preparation. How much prior preparation went into making this video for a friend? It apparently wasn't enough. Camera distances and angles in the finished rushes were pitiful because it looked like someone borrowed their moms camera and started filming. The mike setup was too close and the lighting left a lot to be desired, a little too dark with shadowing on the performer. One of the issues was the masking tape for the camera and performer marks. With all the movement on the floor the tape got peeled up and replaced too many times and invariably moved to the wrong spots and when you're shooting you don't have time to keep checking the accuracy of your marks. Okay, so one of the problems was not using the best gaffer tape we could get since there would never be a chance of it pulling up with normal traffic and another was using the proper lighting. The sound, thank goodness, was spot on so we figure that we can re-shoot and edit around the gaffs and recreate the video we wanted with a few adjustments here and there. My friends younger brother wanted to be involved so we gave him the task of making sure nobody touched the gaff tape anywhere or he'd have to eat any that was moved.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gout Has Limitations and Unexpected Restrictions

For someone who's never really had any issues while walking, running, biking, or swimming, Gout can be a real misery.

I went to the doctor a few weeks ago because I thought I was having a problem with the arch in my foot. I got the pricey Scholls insert and I thought that was the end of it. I thought so until the pain didn't go away while wearing them but got a surprise when I woke up for work and couldn't stand on my foot any longer. A friend suggested that I may have Gout but I didn't think so because I was told and have read that Gout usually strikes at the joint in the big toe, my pain wrapped around my foot at the arch, up and over the top of the foot. Got the lab work back and the doctor said....of course....Gout! Then I got the really bad news, dietary restrictions or pain! I don't want the pain but some of the restrictions were painful such as beef and alcohol, especially bad was beer in any form.

That's not so bad because I'm not really a beer fan, it's the beef part that hurts. I figure if @I really want a drink I can go to a pub or something and if my foot starts hurting I can use bar clamps or something to hold me in place till I've had enough! Through talking with coworkers I've come across another preventative measure...cherry juice. Not cherry cocktail but the kind of cherry juice that has only "pressed cherries" as the only ingredient on the label! I happen to like cherries so this wasn't hard for me to do. The hard part was finding a store that sold it! My local vitamin store had one variety for almost $7 a quart but I later found a large 'healthy food' store that had a few varieties for dollars less. Score one for me. I does help and it's non-medicinal.

I'm on the standard medicine for it but that takes a while to build up and this does work in the interim.