Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tea Party Conservatism is Bad for America!

Eric Cantor is not a respectable congressman. Why? The people wanted the tax level set at $250K for the increase, it was compromised in the Senate for $400K and passed to the House for approval and Cantor says NO! They want to make further amendments to the agreement. In that case there is no agreement if a certain group of House members decide to go along with their contributors rather than the voters for their decisions the voters have to live with! That's very Un-American by ignoring the will of the people for the sake of their money sources! We vote to let Congress know what we want, it's up to them to figure out how to do it, not to say "No" to it, just like they did with term limits! President Obama needs to tell Congress that the deal is off if not approved as it was sent, and the amount will return to $250K like we, the voters in America, voted for. The dissenters can then explain to the voters why they don't know what they want(basically telling them that they're stupid) and that the GOP knows what Americans really want. Cantor obviously wants Boehner's position as Speaker so he figures this is the place to posture himself for the move up! So, how does this help the middle class and the unemployed, not to mention the milk drinkers of America as well since they're on the agreement also? Just as a note before I end this piece. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell agreed to this agreement in the best interest of the American people. A compromise was made on the amount of income that would be affected by the increase and Defense spending was reduced, not to mention the Farm Bill getting addressed. These two individuals have been waging a war on the President to get what their party wanted, as political parties will do, and they compromised, as political parties will do. Eric Cantor is obviously trying to satisfy those outside of Washington D.C. that are holding purse strings to get the amount raised up further and continue Defense spending in the process. The last two points are an assumption on my part as I can think of no other reason to stall this agreement. In 2014 a large number of Congressmen, and Congresswomen, will be up for re-election. If you want to stop all this posturing make your vote count and vote these people out before they damage the nation further and open a divide that may never close in our time.

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