Friday, December 14, 2012

NRA Protects Everyone's Right to Possess a Gun!

What made the President get teared up on national television this afternoon? What's the reason there will be a major backlash after the sorrow ends and the vengeance starts? This is why..... 18 children and 8 adults killed in Newtowne , Ct by a single 24 yr old gunman from New Jersey with two automatic handguns. Gunman's mother killed at school, brother killed at his home in CT where he lived with his mother. Now, explain to me why the NRA says people kill people, not guns? It takes people to use guns that are made available under the terms of the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment that was written in 1791, the 18th century, for state and territory militia's! When will this amendment be rewritten for the 21st century? Why do we need to keep seeing our children and adult peers violently, and needlessly, killed every year? To keep the gun industry and the gun lobby funded? I have no problem with home & business defense guns, sporting use guns, and hunting guns. The only valid reason to possess a handgun is for the first reason, the others would be long guns only. Nobody, in their right mind, needs automatic or assault weapons except the military and police forces for the country's population defense. We all know why the GOP so ardently defends the NRA and it's views. The money they spend on politicians is huge, and so are the politicians pockets, who cares about the children when there's money to be had!

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