Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2014 Will Be The Year of The Moderate Republican Party

I really believe that the end of the Tea Party is forth coming as the anger of the American people rises with the fiscal cliff getting closer by the day. The hard nosed views of the GOP, as it exists today, is a bitter pill to swallow for most Americans with little or no discretionary money in their possession as they say we should have. I recall all these Republicans stating that they were Reagan Republicans because they believed in the same ideals that Ronald Reagan did. Really? Emulating Reagan? Strong Conservative flying with a strong right wing? I don't think so for one reason in particular, ADA! That's right, the Americans with Disabilities Act! Talk about something that reeks of Socialism and ADA has to pop out of the toaster. A law designed to aid and assist people with disabilities with the Federal Government as it's enforcer? Doesn't sound very Tea Party to me, especially when the Disabilities Treaty with most of the world was struck down by the GOP of today. The Disabilities Treaty that closely emulates the ADA was unattractive to the GOP of today, that were calling themselves Reagan Republicans not that long ago.

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