Thursday, November 15, 2012

2013 Restaurant Boycott List

My Restaurant Boycott List is up to 2 today. Papa Johns pizza restaurant(take out) was the first entry to the list when head honcho and creator John Schnatter decided that he was going to cut part time hours to avoid the need to insure workers and would raise prices by 10-15 cents per pizza to offset Obama care costs. Schnatter is currently worth $293 million dollars(according to Forbes Magazine), so as you can see that in the eyes of the truly rich he has a ways to go before he can be one of the truly privileged.

The newest addition is Denny's restaurant. A Denny's executive announced that a surcharge would be placed on all bills to offset Obama care costs, whether you reduce the tip amount to offset this is up to the consumer! That's what they said, reduce the tip if you don't like it! What a great way to keep your wait staff happy and looking out for Denny's interests! The humorous part, not really, is that Romney care in Massachusetts, which is is almost a clone of this or rather vice versa, no costs needed to be transferred to the customers or staff hours reduced!

Stay tuned as other names will, I'm sure, be added to my 2013 Restaurant Boycott List!

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