Sunday, October 14, 2012


You thought Lincoln was the only movie about 'Ole Abe" that was coming out? Wait, there's more!

My Morning With VP Candidate Paul Ryan

I did some wonderful things with Paul Ryan today:

We ran a 5 minute 15k,

We watched unemployment soar above 12% nationwide,

We balanced the budget and made the US debt free in 1 year(details later),

We made first contact with aliens from the star system of Kolob(becoming Mormon next year sometime, if elected),

Paul named two countries to the world map that never existed before yesterday(Paul mentioned them in the debate),and

We returned women to 1920's status(no votes, no smoking, no drinking, no talking back to husbands, no say whatsoever).

Finely, we planned a new campaign, that he mentioned in the debate, that "we don't want to lose the gains we've gotten" in Afghanistan, we need 'boots on the ground to support our gains'.

While others finally get to fly home!

and have a long rest!

All before lunchtime! Life in the GOP is good! It's the privileged life for me, Yo Ho!

BTW, the above information is ridiculous and absurd. There is no such place as Kolob! (Kolob spelled backwards is bolok!(Bullock (in British English), a castrated male bovine animal of any age)).