Friday, August 31, 2012

HTC Glacier Multimedia Heaven

I purchased my HTC Glacier phone under the name Tmobile MyTouch 4G. I never had a 'smartphone' before and this was going to be an interesting adventure. I've owned the phone for about 18 months now and I'm still marveled at what I'm able to do with it. I purchased a Sansa Fuze a couple of years ago because I'm an audiobook freak. I love to listen to books while I work instead of music. I find that music, given the wrong beat, can alter how fast or slow you get your work done, and I don't want a machine becoming a work metronome for me. I wore out my Fuze and got a newer Fuze for last Christmas that utilizes the touch system instead of the buttons I was used to. For audiobooks I hate it with a passion, for music it's fine so there's the line for when I'm going to use it. I listen to approximately 4-6 books a week, whereas before this I was lucky to get through one book in 2 weeks. This is definitely the bomb.

I started exploring my phone a few months ago, after I realized the Fuze wouldn't cut it for me for the books, and saw that I could use the phone for my books and not drain the battery. The stock battery was junk but the new ones from Amazon I bought last a long time and I can always plug the phone in at work at my desk, win-win! My phone comes with 8 gigs of on-board memory and that wasn't going to be enough for all my videos, misc music, and a lot of books. Fortunately the phone allows me to increase my storage up to 32 gigs by using a micro SD card (24 gigs). Between all the goodies above and all my cool apps I still have room to spare. I've put full length films on my phone that I can view at lunch or listen to while I work to take a break from the books, especially if I happen to forget to add more books and run out earlier than I thought I would. I don't know if I'll re-contract with Tmobile in the Spring when my contract expires but I'm leaning to the prepaid, full data/text/minutes plan they have now because I can save over $50 a month on services for the two phones I have. It's a very compelling argument that I think I already know the final answer to, unless a better service comes around then I'll have to root my phone and unlock it to use.

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