Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Logitech MX Revolution Wireless Mouse Issue Solved

I own the MX Revolution Laser mouse and I have to admit that this has been the best mouse I've ever owned. Let me first point out that I'm not trying to sell or market them in any way. What I want to do is to keep you from throwing yours away to end up in a landfill somewhere when you can make it work as good as new instead! I've owned mine since they came out for sale at my local Best Buy store. I don't like ordering a mouse online because I want to feel it in my hand and if I really like it I'll just go ahead and buy it then and there, instead of waiting for a delivery and maybe second guessing my choice.

To the problem at hand, no pun intended. I've gone the customer service route and the web search route trying to find out why my mouse was over-clicking. I'd click and item to delete and it would delete, along with the next item that appeared in front of the pointer. It happened about 90% of the time and was getting extremely annoying. Software updates and driver re-installs did nothing to alleviate the problem, until. I did some additional searching and broadened my search parameters and came across this bit of information.

The answer to the problem was simple in relation to all the issues presented and the useless solutions offered before. The micro-switch inside the mouse must be contaminated, thereby preventing it from operating properly and causing the resultant 'bounce' of the mouse click. Sounds simple enough, I guess. In actuality it was simple. I just wasn't prepared for what I saw when I opened the mouse up to the light of day. To get inside you need to first remove 4 screws that are found under the black skid pads on the bottom of the mouse.

Step 1 turn off the mouse(switch to off on bottom),

Step 2
carefully remove the long pad at the top and just the 2 smaller pads on the bottom (the pad off to the side can stay where it is),

Step 3
remove the 4 screws carefully and do not let the two main sections fall apart when the screws are out, there's a ribbon cable there that can break if it all falls apart!,

Step 4
carefully separate the two halves and examine the switches(located on either side of primary wheel. They're black rectangles with white squares on them, those are the switches)

Step 5
here's where I was surprised. My mouse was full of dust bunnies! They must have entered from the top between the left and right buttons. I blew out all the dust and treated the switches to a good cleaner sprayed right into the switches. Let it dry thoroughly before reassembly.

Step 6
reassemble the mouse and put the pads back on. So long as you didn't drop them on the floor they should go right back on. Do not over-tighten as you could crack the housing!

Step 7
turn the mouse back on and re-enjoy your NEW old mouse!

Note to those people that don't like to throw money away. Do Not Buy the sprays the electronics stores want you to buy! $11 for 2 oz? Ridiculous! Go to stores like(in the US) Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, or Pep Boys, etc. They all sell CRC products made for the car such as brake cleaners, battery cleaner, battery protector, etc. They come in a red spray can with white highlighting and I'm sure most of you have seen their products somewhere like an auto repair shop or where ever. They also make what's called CRC QD Electronic Cleaner for sensitive electronics and is plastic safe. I bought an 11oz spray can for $7.49! I can use this on high-end audio components, car stereo, even my computer where needed.

My mouse works like it did when I purchased it and I'm happy again!

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