Thursday, April 19, 2012

Airport Parking With Options a Plus

Miami International Airport isn't really a place where you'd expect to find pricing options, especially for airport parking. I grew up in Boston where discounts are laughed at for ANYTHING to do with Logan International Airport. The laughter comes after the look of surprise that you even thought to mention a discount. Major cities have the distinction of being 'posh' and 'deserving' when it comes to making the traveler pony up some cash to them before they go on the plane, or go home, or to work, or whatever. Finding a major international airport that offers pricing options and not having to travel a great distance to get to their parking lot is a definite plus in my travel book. Even if you can save five dollars each time you park that adds up, especially if you're a frequent traveler. Miami airport parking is but one example of progressive airport management.

Convenience is a must when you travel, as the great majority of travelers can attest. If you can find a way to combine your air travel and hotel along with necessary parking facilities then your trip has just become less stressful and therefor more enjoyable, unless you're in town for stuffy business meetings. There isn't much anybody can do about that until you get back to the hotel and Sheraton has many amenities to ease and soothe your tensions. It isn't often that a hotel can provide that middle ground for it's visitors between the room and the plane, especially when it saves you money as well! I wish there were an option like this for when I go up to Boston so at least I know before I get there where I need to go and where everything will be. Instead, I'll be sitting in a traffic jam in East Boston waiting to go through the tunnel to get to my hotel. Talk about getting stressed after a long flight.

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