Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gun Laws Good or Not So Good?

There are freedoms in this country, what's left of them, that have been fought over for many years. The freedom to own and carry guns is one of them. I believe that when these Rights were put on the books they had a specific purpose in mind, such as to make sure every citizen had access to a weapon in case of invasion, such as the war of 1812. You know the English soldiers didn't like the idea of everyone in every house along the way being armed, I wouldn't like that thought either. That was a time when invasion was a real threat to the nation, as opposed to now when a threat like that is inconceivable. The Rights and Laws of the nation need to change with the times in order to properly serve the people they cover. Everyone has heard of the ridiculous laws that many states still have on the books like spitting on the sidewalks, what can and can't be sold on a Sunday(Blue Laws), etc. Gun laws are no different. Why does someone NEED to own an AK47 assault rifle, let alone any assault rifle? Are they planning to kill any Mexicans they see when they hear about a border crossing? What about Trayvon Martin? He was the victim of the Neighborhood Watch. The same group that watches HIS neighborhood! His weapons of choice were an iced tea and a bag of Skittles. The watcher had a handgun! Was the watcher supposed to have a handgun, let alone ANY kind of gun while patrolling? NO, he was specifically told verbally and in writing that NO GUNS WERE ALOUD WHILE WATCHING THE AREA! So, why did he have a gun? When he called the police about a suspicious person they told him NOT TO FOLLOW HIM! He went against police instructions and followed Trayvon, approached him when he was told not to, pulled a gun on him when he was instructed not to, and shot him dead after calling him a "coon"! Racially motivated? You be the judge. Will it matter with the laws we have in place that the NRA(National Rifle Association) bought and paid for in Florida. Don't know yet. Will justice prevail for an innocent dead teenager? Don't know yet. Will there be a tidal wave of anger if he gets away with shooting him? Oh, you bet there will be.

In my opinion, gun laws should allow you to own a gun based on your needs, not desires. If you hunt or target shoot - fine, work in a high risk job that requires protection - fine(pick it up when you get to work), you want some guns to blast stuff - go buy a movie and pretend your the star of it because you don't need one for what you want to do. Freedom doesn't mean Carte Blanche for whatever you want. People need to be more responsible if they want to keep 'freedoms' in America. The more they're abused the fewer we'll be left with until they're all gone. The actions of Mr. Zimmerman, the Trayvon Martin executioner, will undoubtedly lead to repeals of some of the NRA laws until the next round of conservatives think people have forgotten and they once again open their pockets to the NRA. If you ban all assault weapons and armor piercing ammunition from the public markets that would be a step in the right direction. Why do I say these 2 things specifically? I say it because these 2 things kill too many policeman every year and the NRA is helping them to kill cops, whether they want to admit it or not. The public does not need to posses any weapon that can out gun the police or the police will have to think twice to save their lives and you may lose yours in the delay. This would not be giving up any important 'right' and you don't need to have your dead fingers on the gun to be pried apart to take it away. It's just common sense. It's not Communism, it's called protecting our brother and sister Americans by not shooting them in a school, from a roof, in a bus, at work, or anywhere.

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