Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wintertime? Let's Barbeque!

That's right, it's time to barbeque, actually it always time to BBQ and why not. Just because it's heading for the middle of winter doesn't mean you can't, or shouldn't, barbeque. It's all the more reason TO barbeque! What lifts the spirits on a dark, cold, bleak, and snowy day better than some BBQ'd ribs and maybe a nice grilled steak! Mmmmmmm, that's what I'm talking about! Of course I don't have those issues living in Central Florida and all, but I used to. It wouldn't be unusual for the neighbors to see me out at the grill in a snowstorm with my tongs and my leather welding gloves(perfect for handling the hot coals and hot grates) on cooking a steak or some chicken or whatever. After a fashion they used to drop hints about how good it must taste when the weather was lousy and food choices were limited to indoor cooking - for them! A true BBQ person is not dissuaded by weather, unless it's lightning, but rather heartened by the smell of the smoke! Only in the winter in harsh weather is gas acceptable over charcoal(what true grillers use) because at least you have the internal strength to do what's right, to grill no matter what!

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