Sunday, February 26, 2012

And Best Picture Goes To ...

Yes, that's right, it's Oscar time again. The time of year where all these celebrity seekers get to live vicariously through the lives and laurels of the celebs of their liking. How many guys didn't call co-workers and friends 'pilgrim' when John Wayne was in his prime? How many didn't crunch their eyebrows like 'the Duke' or swagger with their toes pointing in like him as well. Remember, his name was really Marion, not The Duke! I digress. It is time for Oscar to pop out his tall golden form again and the stars will be out in their shallow splendor once again. One must remember that everything they do is for show. That's why they're called actors. Now, as far as the fans go that's something else. These die hard folk seem to want nothing more than to emulate their chosen 'heroes of the screen' in all their splendor and that's alright so long as it doesn't involve hurting someone.

Did I mention hurting someone? Yes I did and that's always a concern when fans and stars get together at the same venue. There are ways to maintain a safe distance such as the red velvet rope for the soft touch. Unless there's a riot everybody tends to respect the rope boundary. Now, if this were a new Harry Potter film or a pro wrestling event you'd need to go a bit stronger with barricades because emotions run a bit higher here and there can be a bit of pushing going on for best views or ticket buying, etc. I, for one, tend to skip the Oscars, don't go or watch wrestling, and wait for Potter to go DVD! It's much cheaper and safer as well!

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