Saturday, January 21, 2012

End Social Security Now ......unless

That's right. End Social Security, Retirement and Disability, NOW! That's what the Conservative spin doctors would like you to think and vote on accordingly. Pick the Republican candidate of your choice, they're all the same in thought and practice and differ only on the amount of wealth they possess, and vote them in to oust President Obama from The White House. No other reason than to remove Barack Obama. Not to make corrections. Not to help the people. Not to feed the poor. Just to get Obama out of the White House. I guess they feel a black man doesn't belong in the White House. I'm never thought that could be true but I'm seeing the opposite I'm sorry to say. Allow me to continue my thoughts.

I have a relative, she will remain nameless, who firmly believes that Social Security is a bad thing and should be removed from our society. Gone! Finito! See Ya! She and her husband live on 1 full time and 1 part time income. They have a mortgage. They pay into a 401k plan. One new car and one older car. Pay deductibles when using their health insurance. One has a progressively degenerative disease while the other has had a history of back problems. Good thing they have health insurance that they can afford.

unless .....

One income is lost.

The full time earner has a major back issue.

Degenerative disease worsens sooner than later to a disabled level.

Health insurance at full time employer rises sharply in price, or discontinued completely.

Home foreclosure.

Unemployment lasting longer than unemployment(unless unemployment has been abolished already).

Death of one spouse.

These are all but a few of the reasons why we should NOT terminate Social Security. The 1% don't need Social Security because they will never have a need for it. They can pay CASH if they have to, most if not all of the 99% cannot! I ask you why would we want to support people who would ordinarily never recognize that you ever existed when we have, and could have, health and financial support available? If we remove all restrictions on Wall Street how will that effect you? The rich will become richer and the poor will, well you know the remained of that one because you're seeing it happen right now.

So let's see where this couple could be if some of these events should happen and Social Security Retirement and Disability were gone from America.

Well, since one has a disability that has been with them for most of their life it's determined to be a Preexisting Condition and therefor NOT COVERED by insurance but they knew that because they read the full policy. Right? Medicine specific to this condition might not be covered because it's too expensive with no generic or considered experimental by law. So sad, too bad! No Soc Sec Disability either. Better hope your spouse gets a big raise real soon. Remember? You voted to eliminate it.

Income? Wow, thank the heavens you have that 401k plan but too bad the market crashed because so many people are out of work and the big employers moved out of the country because the tax incentives were too good to pass up. It really didn't matter if it crashed or not because you're still too young to withdraw 401k funds without major penalties and taxes. Sorry, you voted out public assistance as well because it was a "drain on society for people who didn't want to work". If you did happen to be old enough and there was a crash you'd still be rowing against a strong tide because there wouldn't be any buffer left for you since Soc Sec Retirement would be gone as well.

National Health, Socialized Medicine, whatever you want to call it would be a great thing for America. No, it won't make us Communists like the GOP wants you to believe. Last time I looked Britain and Canada were still democratic nations, in fact the majority of Europe has a national health program in place in one form or another. America will be better than them by letting our citizens die in the streets(yes, they do every day and you would know that if you actually cared) because no health care was available to them. Most of these people paid into Social Security most of their lives and now when they need the help the most we decide to pull the rug out from under them. Probably wouldn't matter anyhow since you need an address in order to collect what's due you but since you have no benefits you're forced to live on the streets. That must be what a viscous circle is in real life. What's more is the fact that you're part of the 99% and the 1% could care less whether you lived or died. Think on that before you waste your vote on the 1% candidates.

One last thing for you you think about and try to visualize.

Will this be the future face of America? It could be if we turn our backs on each other just to support the 1% who don't care if this is you or someone else.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Contact sensors

Thanks to Darwin Barton

Most home alarm systems have the usual door sensors where when you open any door on the perimeter of the house it will set off the alarm or at least ring with a chime sound. I highly recommend if you are looking at adding home security to your house that you take a look at the ADT home security sensors that they use for windows and other openings that are more than just doors. I personally wanted window sensors because I live in a ranch style home where all of my windows are on ground level. If someone knew I have an alarm system on my home they would assume that the doors are secure but they would also probably assume that the windows are not. This is why it is so important to make sure you secure all of the openings on your home with contact sensors. You will notice that when you open any window or door it will tell you on the control panel which window or door it is. This is what makes me feel so much safer in my home.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The New Courtship Ritual?

Something that I really got into watching on TV was the Bachelorette. This season was all about a girl named Ally. Ally had been on a previous show called the Bachelor. She was one of the finalists but ended up getting kicked off when the guy on the bachelor picked someone else to propose to. I know this is such a crazy concept to think that someone might find the person of their dreams on a television show that has candidates to be your mate picked out by probably a team of people working for the show. Anyway, Ally was picked to be the next bachelorette after everyone felt so sorry for her when she was not chosen to be the one the bachelor loved. I forget how many candidates Ally started out with, but I think it was around twenty-five. So each week she would get to eliminate one or two candidates that she did not like to narrow down her choices to hopefully one person that she would want to marry. She finally picked this guy named Roberto. And, Ally and Roberto got engaged. Now someone just told me that Ally and Roberto just broke their engagement. I think that The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are both rigged and are just a way for some people to make money. I sincerely doubt that anyone could find the person that they should marry on a television show.