Friday, December 14, 2012

NRA Protects Everyone's Right to Possess a Gun!

What made the President get teared up on national television this afternoon? What's the reason there will be a major backlash after the sorrow ends and the vengeance starts? This is why..... 18 children and 8 adults killed in Newtowne , Ct by a single 24 yr old gunman from New Jersey with two automatic handguns. Gunman's mother killed at school, brother killed at his home in CT where he lived with his mother. Now, explain to me why the NRA says people kill people, not guns? It takes people to use guns that are made available under the terms of the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment that was written in 1791, the 18th century, for state and territory militia's! When will this amendment be rewritten for the 21st century? Why do we need to keep seeing our children and adult peers violently, and needlessly, killed every year? To keep the gun industry and the gun lobby funded? I have no problem with home & business defense guns, sporting use guns, and hunting guns. The only valid reason to possess a handgun is for the first reason, the others would be long guns only. Nobody, in their right mind, needs automatic or assault weapons except the military and police forces for the country's population defense. We all know why the GOP so ardently defends the NRA and it's views. The money they spend on politicians is huge, and so are the politicians pockets, who cares about the children when there's money to be had!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Restaurant Boycott Expands

Denny's has stated that they are not part of this tragic plan but rather a franchise owner that is doing this to his people. It would be too bad if everyone who worked for this guy were to find another job on the same day. Then he'd save a bundle, lose a bundle as well, but think of the savings!

WalMart's Woes Into 2013

WalMart, probably the world's biggest retailer if you take the spin offs into consideration, such as ASDA in Britain. Their presence is felt in Europe, Asia, South America, Mexico, etc. Along with the empire goes the headaches which many governments feel as well. With size you become a bigger target and this year WalMart has a big ole bulls-eye on their foreheads! Let's look at a few instances by the numbers, in no apparent order of importance.

1. Unions. The union issue has surfaced bigger and badder than before in the western states predominantly, with threats of walk-outs on Black Friday to full on strikes. WalMart, in the past, would normally deal with an organizing store by terminating the staff and hiring new staff along with transfers from other stores. Their philosophy is that they're giving the associates the best they can without the price of dues or the issues with promoting unqualified people into positions of authority based solely on seniority. Wages, typically, were based on region and cost of living but WalMart has tried to level the playing field the past few years for it's associates. Unfortunately, some store managers have, in the past, taken it upon themselves to issue wage perks for some over others and had discriminated against women openly, to the ire of the home office in Bentonville, Arkansas. These managers caused at least two discrimination law suits that I'm aware of and this activity has been against company policy for a long time. I wonder where they work now?,

2. Obeying Company Policies. How big a brick does it take to bash a company policy into someones head? I guess the brick was too small for two associates in Georgia the other day. An alleged shoplifter was allegedly attempting to leave the store with 2 DVD players and was stopped by a Loss Prevention associate and another undetermined associate, whether manager or not I don't know at this point. The actions of the Loss Prevention associate, by using a choke hold on the alleged thief, caused the person to succumb to his injuries at the hospital. He was physically held down at the scene by the person that used the choke hold I believe, I could be wrong on this point not knowing which of the two held the unresponsive person down. When police arrived he was still unresponsive, transported to the nearest hospital, and was pronounced DOA(dead on arrival)!

This one will keep the company attorneys busy for probably the rest of the year and possibly into 2014 with a massive civil suit by the family of the alleged thief. Lawyers have already contacted the victims family I'm sure.

3. International Corruption! The New York Times reported on Nov. 15, 2012 "Wal-Mart on Thursday reported that its investigation into violations of a federal antibribery law had extended beyond Mexico to China, India and Brazil, some of the retailer’s most important international markets." Is this what it takes to get a store opened in other countries? I guess they're not banging down WalMart's doors for new building sites in far away lands!

4. Supply Chain Pressure. WalMart has always held that if they want your products you need to make sure you supply what WalMart wants when it wants it or their are other that will! It's a common practice with many company's that distribute to many stores. If something sells and the price is right they want it! Plain and simple. If you can't supply it then don't offer it to them. Unfortunately, some need the business with WalMart more than they need to treat their employees fairly. In the Daily Kos, printed on July 29, 2012, the following excerpt appears in part. The full story can be found in their archives for this date.

"Walmart suspended Louisiana's C.J.'s Seafood last month after some terrible publicity. Undocumented immigrant workers claimed they'd been forced to work shifts up to 24 hours long, among other abuses. This week, the Department of Labor hit C.J.'s with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and back pay." "C.J.'s is saying it won't pay all of the back wages it owes, or the liquidated damages or civil money penalties, so the government is going to have to go after that. If you're tempted here to think "this is just one Walmart supplier and Walmart has suspended it," bear in mind that such abuses are common in Walmart's supply chain. Recently, to take another example, workers filed safety complaints against a warehouse that, while run by a contractor, handles goods exclusively for Walmart.", and

"The impact of the immense pressure on Walmart suppliers can easily be seen at what workers call simply "the Crossdock". Workers say they are given brutal quotas for the number of boxes that they need to shift each hour. Supervisors, they say, make it clear that any failure to meet those quotas – even at the risk of physical injury – could be the loss of a job. "I feel that I am just something they could use and throw away," said Limber Herrera, 29, pictured, who is supporting a wife and two children on his wage.". This is the kind of pressure smaller suppliers can be exposed to if the availability of the products they supply is unreliable for them.

I'm not going to keep going on here because it's starting to look like a 'slam-fest' on WalMart. Indeed, this is not my intention. I merely mean to show how a constantly growing company, with good initial intentions, can be launched in the wrong direction at the most inopportune times by actions of others that are supposed to know what they're doing due to training and guidance daily, through managerial guidance, mentoring, and computer based training!

You can't say that WalMart isn't trying but sometimes it's hard to see the nail in the road until the tire goes flat!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

2013 Restaurant Boycott List

My Restaurant Boycott List is up to 2 today. Papa Johns pizza restaurant(take out) was the first entry to the list when head honcho and creator John Schnatter decided that he was going to cut part time hours to avoid the need to insure workers and would raise prices by 10-15 cents per pizza to offset Obama care costs. Schnatter is currently worth $293 million dollars(according to Forbes Magazine), so as you can see that in the eyes of the truly rich he has a ways to go before he can be one of the truly privileged.

The newest addition is Denny's restaurant. A Denny's executive announced that a surcharge would be placed on all bills to offset Obama care costs, whether you reduce the tip amount to offset this is up to the consumer! That's what they said, reduce the tip if you don't like it! What a great way to keep your wait staff happy and looking out for Denny's interests! The humorous part, not really, is that Romney care in Massachusetts, which is is almost a clone of this or rather vice versa, no costs needed to be transferred to the customers or staff hours reduced!

Stay tuned as other names will, I'm sure, be added to my 2013 Restaurant Boycott List!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


You thought Lincoln was the only movie about 'Ole Abe" that was coming out? Wait, there's more!

My Morning With VP Candidate Paul Ryan

I did some wonderful things with Paul Ryan today:

We ran a 5 minute 15k,

We watched unemployment soar above 12% nationwide,

We balanced the budget and made the US debt free in 1 year(details later),

We made first contact with aliens from the star system of Kolob(becoming Mormon next year sometime, if elected),

Paul named two countries to the world map that never existed before yesterday(Paul mentioned them in the debate),and

We returned women to 1920's status(no votes, no smoking, no drinking, no talking back to husbands, no say whatsoever).

Finely, we planned a new campaign, that he mentioned in the debate, that "we don't want to lose the gains we've gotten" in Afghanistan, we need 'boots on the ground to support our gains'.

While others finally get to fly home!

and have a long rest!

All before lunchtime! Life in the GOP is good! It's the privileged life for me, Yo Ho!

BTW, the above information is ridiculous and absurd. There is no such place as Kolob! (Kolob spelled backwards is bolok!(Bullock (in British English), a castrated male bovine animal of any age)).

Saturday, September 15, 2012


A first look at the trailer for the newest Steven Spielberg film "Lincoln".

Childhood Monsters Are Real

This anti-drinking ad is quite effective as seen from a new perspective, the children of problem drinkers.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Director on incest: 'Who gives a damn?'

Director on incest: 'Who gives a damn?'

Pat Robertson Condones Wife Beating

When is it time to leave the public spotlight? In Pat Robertson's case it was 20+ years ago! Spousal abuse, whether it's male on female or vice versa, can never be condoned and it's not a joking matter. Shut up Pat and go eat your pudding.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Little Baby's Ice Cream Ad

This has to be the freakiest, most disturbing, food ad I have ever seen. The androgynous person with an ice cream head is viewed consuming their ice cream 'brains' with a constant zombie stare, like one of the undead on a cannibal buffet adventure. This ad looks more like a George Romero movie preview than a food ad. Needless to say, I will never buy, or attempt to buy, Little Baby's Ice Cream. I don't want to be a zombie!

Here's the video, if you can watch it all the way through.

HTC Glacier Multimedia Heaven

I purchased my HTC Glacier phone under the name Tmobile MyTouch 4G. I never had a 'smartphone' before and this was going to be an interesting adventure. I've owned the phone for about 18 months now and I'm still marveled at what I'm able to do with it. I purchased a Sansa Fuze a couple of years ago because I'm an audiobook freak. I love to listen to books while I work instead of music. I find that music, given the wrong beat, can alter how fast or slow you get your work done, and I don't want a machine becoming a work metronome for me. I wore out my Fuze and got a newer Fuze for last Christmas that utilizes the touch system instead of the buttons I was used to. For audiobooks I hate it with a passion, for music it's fine so there's the line for when I'm going to use it. I listen to approximately 4-6 books a week, whereas before this I was lucky to get through one book in 2 weeks. This is definitely the bomb.

I started exploring my phone a few months ago, after I realized the Fuze wouldn't cut it for me for the books, and saw that I could use the phone for my books and not drain the battery. The stock battery was junk but the new ones from Amazon I bought last a long time and I can always plug the phone in at work at my desk, win-win! My phone comes with 8 gigs of on-board memory and that wasn't going to be enough for all my videos, misc music, and a lot of books. Fortunately the phone allows me to increase my storage up to 32 gigs by using a micro SD card (24 gigs). Between all the goodies above and all my cool apps I still have room to spare. I've put full length films on my phone that I can view at lunch or listen to while I work to take a break from the books, especially if I happen to forget to add more books and run out earlier than I thought I would. I don't know if I'll re-contract with Tmobile in the Spring when my contract expires but I'm leaning to the prepaid, full data/text/minutes plan they have now because I can save over $50 a month on services for the two phones I have. It's a very compelling argument that I think I already know the final answer to, unless a better service comes around then I'll have to root my phone and unlock it to use.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hunger Games Too Violent For and With Children

I recently saw The Hunger Games mainly to see what all the hype was about. This was supposed to be the film the would pick up the 'gauntlet' from where the Harry Potter franchise left off and become even bigger. I hope that's not the case here. I found The Hunger Games to be a very disturbing film mainly due to the fact that it portrays teen and preteen children slaughtering each other in mostly bloody ways. It's bad enough in today's society to see all the stories about gun violence around the world but now we have a heavily promoted film that depicts children trying, and succeeding, to kill each other with poison, spears, steel arrows, and blades of all sizes and shapes. Just in the first minutes where the children are released into the game environment half of them are brutally cut down by the bigger teens and left in the field dead or dying. The older ones ran faster to the arsenal of weapons on display for them so they could kill the weaker, younger children first and quicker. Did I also mention that this film has a touch of the Running Man influence in it? The world gets to watch all the bloody excitement as part of the TV show.

I don't care if I put spoilers in this article because without mentioning specifically what I'm referring to it becomes rather a moot point. I strongly believe that The Hunger Games sends the worst possible message to our youth. It almost glamorizes the murderous message the film is sending to children, almost condoning the actions on the screen. This is not some Romeo and Juliet-esque classic but rather a poor knock off of the Stephen Kings book/film The Running Man. Below is a shot from the film for you to decide.

What's to stop a young child from wanting to act out this action from the film with a friend or sibling with a kitchen or hunting knife? It's just a movie, right? Nobody gets hurt doing movie stuff! Right?

I'll be posting this on my other, higher ranked blog, for good measure.

Friday, August 3, 2012

NBC Olympic Racial Gaff

Talk about bad editing and commercial line-ups. On their behalf, I don't believe the person that queued that ad could have known what Bob Costas was going to say ahead of time. I could be wrong but I hope not.

The original poster of this video lost their Youtube account so here is an updated video. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Monday, July 30, 2012

India Olympic Team Plus 1

For those of you who haven't see this the picture below contains the march of Team India into the Olympic stadium, plus an interloper. The woman in the red and green warm-up suit and the not so Olympic figure had a pass for the stadium but, alas, it had a last name other than her own. Maybe she wanted to be a write in for the 100 meter dash?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Thank You NRA.

I want to give a big shout out and a thank you to the tireless, behind the scenes efforts of the NRA, allowing me the freedom to keep and bear arms! Thanks guys! I really appreciate the fact that you're opening up the rules in so many states to allow me to be able to buy a gun so that I can protect myself from evildoers and bad people in general. If it weren't for the tireless efforts of the N.R.A. I wouldn't be able to walk into a school, say, in Columbine or a theater, say, in Colorado to arbitrarily shoot those evil people that are there. If it weren't for a handy set of guns at my disposal those voices in my head would have no outlet to vent their frustration and ability to 'set things right'. Again, thank you.

I'd also like to thank the many, many conservative congressional representatives and senators for their tireless, NRA funded, efforts to make sure we can all have an assault weapon or several handguns, shotguns, and rifles(with good scopes of course) at hand when the need arises. In fact here in Florida former Governor Crist signed into law that we can all bring guns to work anytime we want. Unfortunately, we can't bring them into work, they must remain in the car or truck. We'll have to get to work on that oversight N.R.A., we must have complete access to Betty, Lucile, or whatever we've named our explosive avengers of evil. It's too bad that right after former Gov. Crist signed this into law that the economic crisis struck the country and thousands were let go from their jobs. Think about that one. You're working to feed your family, just making ends meet, then you're fired because some New York millionaire wasn't rich enough and the banks weren't rich enough and the economy collapsed. Gee, it's a good thing that after destroying all those lives nobody actually went out to their car or truck and returned to thank their bosses with Betty or Lucile.

Honestly, I really would like to thank the NRA for allowing us the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, but to what end? Do I really need an AK-47, Uzi, or a machine pistol? Do I really need to be a Zimmerman and need to have a pistol on me to go to the store(allegedly)? The answer to these and all similar questions is a big resounding NO! A shotgun for home defense? Yes, that is an adequate and appropriate response to a home invasion or armed break-in. A pistol? Only if there are NO CHILDREN in the house or apartment. Too many stories in the press about what happens to that 'unloaded all the time' pistol when small kids find them and the endings are mostly the same, death. Common sense needs to be applied to this Amendment protections, not just a blank check and no second thoughts. On Headline News today they were discussing the Colorado 'massacre' and a movie critic, Michael Medved, made a Rush Limbaugh style comment. He was putting blame on the Batman movie. Jim Holmes, after being arrested, said he was "the Joker", which I believe was just a smart-ass answer. I think he was looking for a crowd to 'express' himself into and what better place to find a packed crowd than the opening of a popular film. I could be wrong but he does look rather smug and even a bit pleased with himself. Even the Tea Party is crying foul after blame was pointed at them due to the possibility of Holmes wanting to join them. That hasn't been verified yet but a Jim Holmes from Colorado did express an interest in the party, whether it was him or not has yet to be determined.

Why can't the voters decide on what types of weapons are to be allowed legally on the streets? Why does some cash packed lobby have the right to bribe our reps with 'campaign funds and contributions' to put EVERYTHING on the street? What does it take to stop this insanity? I know the answer is NOT Betty or Lucile! Common sense people! It's free and is worth every bit of effort to use it.

Just to set the record straight, I was a long standing member of the NRA when I was younger(teens through thirties) until I started seeing the focus of the organization changing to a political one instead of a sportsmen one. I agree with the basics but strongly disagree with the politics that have evolved in the last 20+ years. Needless to say I no longer am a member.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cruise Control Dangers

This will be short and maybe not too sweet but short none the less. There is an inherent danger for those people who, like myself, in their normal highway driving use cruise control daily. The danger I speak of is hydroplaning. Hydroplaning occurs when the speed of the vehicle impacting the surface of water, or snow even, and the tires can no longer dissipate the liquid under them which in turn lifts the tires from the road. Like a boat on the water, the faster it travels the higher out, and on top, of the water it gets. When this occurs you have essentially lost control of the vehicle. How do you remedy this dangerous situation? Simple, don't panic! Begin a controlled deceleration of the vehicle till gravity pulls your tires back through the liquid layer to the road surface, regaining the lost traction.

Why have I stated that cruise control could be dangerous? Simple, when the tires no longer have contact with the road surface the cruise control will attempt to maintain the set speed, regardless of whether the tires are in contact with asphalt, concrete, mud, hay, or whatever. Here's where the danger begins. The road probably will not be completely covered in liquid and there will be semi dry areas you'll come in contact with. When this happens the tires will 'grab' the road and the computer will determine the new tire speed and compensate for it. The hydroplaning may have already altered your direction and when the tires bite the road you could potentially 'launch' the car in an unwanted direction. Here's where it becomes very important that you didn't go into panic mode earlier. When you start to feel the first effects of the hydroplaning, similar to encountering something thick on the road with small lurches in the feel of the vehicle, TURN OFF THE CRUISE CONTROL and DO NOT STOMP ON THE BRAKE PEDAL! These are the single most important things you can do to maintain control. Secondly, start a controlled deceleration(take your foot off the gas pedal) to a speed where you can still control the direction and speed of the vehicle. Third, make sure your white headlights are on, not just the yellow parking lights. You want to make sure others can see you and the changes you're making. If water buildup is really bad look for an overpass to stop your vehicle under till heavy rain slows and road surface conditions are a bit safer to continue on.

Who cares if you're late, live to reschedule.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What Heavy Rain Does in Florida

This video is reproduced from Hernando Today and Tampa Bay Online.

Friday, May 25, 2012


 How could someone NOT notice this sticking out of the pump? They also make no mention of how thieves capture the additional information usually asked for, such as zip code, that must be keyed in if you select the Credit vs. Debit option.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And God Said, "Hate Thy Neighbor"!?

This man of God must have another God in mind when he preaches. His tirade on how to dispose of Gays sounds a bit like Hitler expounding on the undesirability of living with the Jews in 1930's+ Germany. I'm confident that this 'piece of garbage in a suit' must have looked long and hard at something in the high school showers that attracted him and now he feels the need to cleanse himself by eliminating the cause of his sexual confusion. Right now he's probably thinking, "where did those altar boys get off to?".

Monday, May 7, 2012

Giving Artworks as Mother's Day Gifts for Moms

There are many kinds of Mothers Day gifts that you can give to your mom. You can easily find items that suit your mother's interest and personality. However, if you want to give something sentimental and personal to your mother, then you need to look for a gift that has the quality that will touch your mother's heart. Finding such gift in the market can be difficult. Thus, you can give her a personalized gift, and the best you can give is artworks.
There are many kinds of artworks that you can give to your mom. It is highly recommended giving a painting to your mom. You don't have to be a great painter in order to give your mom a stunning painting. All you need to have are oil paints, brushes, and canvas. You can even purchase a painting set for beginners. You can make it on your own. Just get something that you want to paint and devote some time doing it.
Again, you don't have to be an expert painter. When you paint with all your heart on it, the finished product will be beautiful. Maybe you won't appreciate your work after you painted it, but you will surely be amazed when it'll dry up. Once your oil painting dries up, you can frame the canvas. It is very easy to frame a painting. However, if you don't know how to do it, then you can go to a carpentry shop and let them do it for you. There are also shops that specialize in framing paintings.
If you are good at painting, then you might want to paint a portrait of your mom. Get one of her favorite photos and make a painting from it. This will be an awesome gift that she'll ever receive. Whenever she sees the portrait hanging on her wall, she will surely remember you and your effort and love that are poured in making such portrait.
Those who don't have the courage to try painting for Mothers Day gifts, they can go to an art studio to have a picture of their mom converted into a portrait. You can also buy finished paintings from these shops. However, you need to know that when you go to art studio, the price of a small painting may cost you a lot. Hence, look for studios that are not well known but have good artists. You can get the same quality of artwork at a great price.

Friday, April 27, 2012 for Real?

Just when you thought people couldn't go any lower, except Kim and her mother and sisters, we now have this!

My New Mac

I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips
My mom bought me a new MacBook Pro for Christmas, so I was psyched. I knew she had to save for a long time to buy it, so I felt kind of bad about that. I know she wanted to do something special for me because I’m graduating from college this year, so it means a lot. It took me a while, but I finally know how to use all the controls on the computer now. It’s not hard to learn, it’s just so different from my old PC that I had to practice a lot. Now that I know how to use everything I am realizing what an awesome computer this really is. You can do so much with it that you can’t do on a PC. I am going to connect clear wireless so I can get a mobile internet connection and use the computer to its full potential. I am going to be able to make so many cool movies and presentations on it once I buy all of the new software I need. I can’t wait to show off all my newly acquired skills.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Airport Parking With Options a Plus

Miami International Airport isn't really a place where you'd expect to find pricing options, especially for airport parking. I grew up in Boston where discounts are laughed at for ANYTHING to do with Logan International Airport. The laughter comes after the look of surprise that you even thought to mention a discount. Major cities have the distinction of being 'posh' and 'deserving' when it comes to making the traveler pony up some cash to them before they go on the plane, or go home, or to work, or whatever. Finding a major international airport that offers pricing options and not having to travel a great distance to get to their parking lot is a definite plus in my travel book. Even if you can save five dollars each time you park that adds up, especially if you're a frequent traveler. Miami airport parking is but one example of progressive airport management.

Convenience is a must when you travel, as the great majority of travelers can attest. If you can find a way to combine your air travel and hotel along with necessary parking facilities then your trip has just become less stressful and therefor more enjoyable, unless you're in town for stuffy business meetings. There isn't much anybody can do about that until you get back to the hotel and Sheraton has many amenities to ease and soothe your tensions. It isn't often that a hotel can provide that middle ground for it's visitors between the room and the plane, especially when it saves you money as well! I wish there were an option like this for when I go up to Boston so at least I know before I get there where I need to go and where everything will be. Instead, I'll be sitting in a traffic jam in East Boston waiting to go through the tunnel to get to my hotel. Talk about getting stressed after a long flight.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Animal Reacts to Emergency, Humans Just Watch

I guess animals ARE more caring than humans! At least they don't just hang out and watch a baby animal struggle, they take action before it becomes a tragedy. Give a person a camera and they let things go bad for the sake of capturing it for others to see how awful something was, that could have been prevented, if they took action themselves. Fortunately, for this pup, the older dog didn't own a camera! If you happen to notice, nobody even went over to even praise the dog or even shout out "good dog", or something.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Logitech MX Revolution Wireless Mouse Issue Solved

I own the MX Revolution Laser mouse and I have to admit that this has been the best mouse I've ever owned. Let me first point out that I'm not trying to sell or market them in any way. What I want to do is to keep you from throwing yours away to end up in a landfill somewhere when you can make it work as good as new instead! I've owned mine since they came out for sale at my local Best Buy store. I don't like ordering a mouse online because I want to feel it in my hand and if I really like it I'll just go ahead and buy it then and there, instead of waiting for a delivery and maybe second guessing my choice.

To the problem at hand, no pun intended. I've gone the customer service route and the web search route trying to find out why my mouse was over-clicking. I'd click and item to delete and it would delete, along with the next item that appeared in front of the pointer. It happened about 90% of the time and was getting extremely annoying. Software updates and driver re-installs did nothing to alleviate the problem, until. I did some additional searching and broadened my search parameters and came across this bit of information.

The answer to the problem was simple in relation to all the issues presented and the useless solutions offered before. The micro-switch inside the mouse must be contaminated, thereby preventing it from operating properly and causing the resultant 'bounce' of the mouse click. Sounds simple enough, I guess. In actuality it was simple. I just wasn't prepared for what I saw when I opened the mouse up to the light of day. To get inside you need to first remove 4 screws that are found under the black skid pads on the bottom of the mouse.

Step 1 turn off the mouse(switch to off on bottom),

Step 2
carefully remove the long pad at the top and just the 2 smaller pads on the bottom (the pad off to the side can stay where it is),

Step 3
remove the 4 screws carefully and do not let the two main sections fall apart when the screws are out, there's a ribbon cable there that can break if it all falls apart!,

Step 4
carefully separate the two halves and examine the switches(located on either side of primary wheel. They're black rectangles with white squares on them, those are the switches)

Step 5
here's where I was surprised. My mouse was full of dust bunnies! They must have entered from the top between the left and right buttons. I blew out all the dust and treated the switches to a good cleaner sprayed right into the switches. Let it dry thoroughly before reassembly.

Step 6
reassemble the mouse and put the pads back on. So long as you didn't drop them on the floor they should go right back on. Do not over-tighten as you could crack the housing!

Step 7
turn the mouse back on and re-enjoy your NEW old mouse!

Note to those people that don't like to throw money away. Do Not Buy the sprays the electronics stores want you to buy! $11 for 2 oz? Ridiculous! Go to stores like(in the US) Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, or Pep Boys, etc. They all sell CRC products made for the car such as brake cleaners, battery cleaner, battery protector, etc. They come in a red spray can with white highlighting and I'm sure most of you have seen their products somewhere like an auto repair shop or where ever. They also make what's called CRC QD Electronic Cleaner for sensitive electronics and is plastic safe. I bought an 11oz spray can for $7.49! I can use this on high-end audio components, car stereo, even my computer where needed.

My mouse works like it did when I purchased it and I'm happy again!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trayvon Martin Media Frenzy

It's become the media sensation of the Spring! For the right reasons? Absolutely not! What's happening now is that all the media whores are coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches looking for a spot in front of a camera or a microphone to tell the world they're very upset at what happened and they're not going to rest until a candlelight vigil or a march or sit-in occurs to further their spotlight ambitions. Where were they when he was shot? It took an article in the New York Times to bring this to light. The shooting took place in a roach motel called Sanford, Florida. My embellishment is understandable when you've comprehended how authorities there have 'screwed the pooch' in it's investigation, or rather lack of investigation, into this unfortunate killing. That's right, I said killing. This was not a self defense or fear for ones life situation unless Skittles have firing pins and bullets in every pack! I forgot something already, it was self defense. Geraldo Rivera(Jerry Rivers) has stated that Trayvon's hoodie was to blame for his death. Didn't you know that a hoodie automatically made you a gang member? A bane to society? A threat to all that's good and decent in this world? Cockroaches! So far the ones that have crawled out from ignominy are Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jessie Jackson, and Geraldo Rivera, otherwise known as hangers on folk. The leeches that grab onto you in the lake and do nothing but take blood from you until their satisfied, or something better comes around in the press. By the way, why aren't these Reverend's ministering to their churches? Do they even have churches or are they 'floaters'? I won't even get into the multiple meanings of that one.

How is Trayvon going to be served by these side show performers? He's not! He can only be served by legal justice, if it can be served under the existing laws. I was watching CNN this afternoon and I saw the New Black Panthers announcing a bounty for whoever knows the whereabouts of Mr. Zimmerman. I guess that's the way it's going to go down. If he's not charged then someone will administer street justice instead. Maybe the two Reverend's need to say a prayer for him as well! It would be the Christian thing to do I suppose. Right Reverend?

One addition I forgot to mention. Zimmerman's lawyer, Craig Sonner, stated "The incident that transpired is not racially motivated or a hate crime in any way. It was self-defense." Story here. What about the 911 call to Sanford police where Zimmerman can be heard saying "F'ing coon"? Hmmm, if that isn't racial then I don't know what is. If I went up to a black man or woman and called them a coon I think I could expect a negative reaction, definitely negative! You wonder if Trayvon was white the same result would have happened? If neighborhood watch puts George Zimmerman in fear for his life then why is he doing it? Maybe he wanted to shoot someone and be a hero to the community. I think George will be looking over his shoulder the rest of his days!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Getting started on the internet

Content by Kyle Lowe

When you first start your business there are a blue million decisions to be made from what color paint you want on the walls to what brand of laptops you want for your staff. You will need to choose the brand of phones that you have on your desk as well as what kind of plan you are going to get on that phone. People will be asking you questions left and right until it feels like your head is going to spin off its axis. One decision that will be very easy to make is what kind of internet connection you are going to have. The best answer is a fast one. The easiest answer is They will hook you up with fast internet and voice over IP which solves your internet and phone question all in one vendor. I have used them for my small business for the past few years and my internet and phone connection have always worked great. Check them out and see if they will be a good fit for your small business today.

Gun Laws Good or Not So Good?

There are freedoms in this country, what's left of them, that have been fought over for many years. The freedom to own and carry guns is one of them. I believe that when these Rights were put on the books they had a specific purpose in mind, such as to make sure every citizen had access to a weapon in case of invasion, such as the war of 1812. You know the English soldiers didn't like the idea of everyone in every house along the way being armed, I wouldn't like that thought either. That was a time when invasion was a real threat to the nation, as opposed to now when a threat like that is inconceivable. The Rights and Laws of the nation need to change with the times in order to properly serve the people they cover. Everyone has heard of the ridiculous laws that many states still have on the books like spitting on the sidewalks, what can and can't be sold on a Sunday(Blue Laws), etc. Gun laws are no different. Why does someone NEED to own an AK47 assault rifle, let alone any assault rifle? Are they planning to kill any Mexicans they see when they hear about a border crossing? What about Trayvon Martin? He was the victim of the Neighborhood Watch. The same group that watches HIS neighborhood! His weapons of choice were an iced tea and a bag of Skittles. The watcher had a handgun! Was the watcher supposed to have a handgun, let alone ANY kind of gun while patrolling? NO, he was specifically told verbally and in writing that NO GUNS WERE ALOUD WHILE WATCHING THE AREA! So, why did he have a gun? When he called the police about a suspicious person they told him NOT TO FOLLOW HIM! He went against police instructions and followed Trayvon, approached him when he was told not to, pulled a gun on him when he was instructed not to, and shot him dead after calling him a "coon"! Racially motivated? You be the judge. Will it matter with the laws we have in place that the NRA(National Rifle Association) bought and paid for in Florida. Don't know yet. Will justice prevail for an innocent dead teenager? Don't know yet. Will there be a tidal wave of anger if he gets away with shooting him? Oh, you bet there will be.

In my opinion, gun laws should allow you to own a gun based on your needs, not desires. If you hunt or target shoot - fine, work in a high risk job that requires protection - fine(pick it up when you get to work), you want some guns to blast stuff - go buy a movie and pretend your the star of it because you don't need one for what you want to do. Freedom doesn't mean Carte Blanche for whatever you want. People need to be more responsible if they want to keep 'freedoms' in America. The more they're abused the fewer we'll be left with until they're all gone. The actions of Mr. Zimmerman, the Trayvon Martin executioner, will undoubtedly lead to repeals of some of the NRA laws until the next round of conservatives think people have forgotten and they once again open their pockets to the NRA. If you ban all assault weapons and armor piercing ammunition from the public markets that would be a step in the right direction. Why do I say these 2 things specifically? I say it because these 2 things kill too many policeman every year and the NRA is helping them to kill cops, whether they want to admit it or not. The public does not need to posses any weapon that can out gun the police or the police will have to think twice to save their lives and you may lose yours in the delay. This would not be giving up any important 'right' and you don't need to have your dead fingers on the gun to be pried apart to take it away. It's just common sense. It's not Communism, it's called protecting our brother and sister Americans by not shooting them in a school, from a roof, in a bus, at work, or anywhere.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

And Best Picture Goes To ...

Yes, that's right, it's Oscar time again. The time of year where all these celebrity seekers get to live vicariously through the lives and laurels of the celebs of their liking. How many guys didn't call co-workers and friends 'pilgrim' when John Wayne was in his prime? How many didn't crunch their eyebrows like 'the Duke' or swagger with their toes pointing in like him as well. Remember, his name was really Marion, not The Duke! I digress. It is time for Oscar to pop out his tall golden form again and the stars will be out in their shallow splendor once again. One must remember that everything they do is for show. That's why they're called actors. Now, as far as the fans go that's something else. These die hard folk seem to want nothing more than to emulate their chosen 'heroes of the screen' in all their splendor and that's alright so long as it doesn't involve hurting someone.

Did I mention hurting someone? Yes I did and that's always a concern when fans and stars get together at the same venue. There are ways to maintain a safe distance such as the red velvet rope for the soft touch. Unless there's a riot everybody tends to respect the rope boundary. Now, if this were a new Harry Potter film or a pro wrestling event you'd need to go a bit stronger with barricades because emotions run a bit higher here and there can be a bit of pushing going on for best views or ticket buying, etc. I, for one, tend to skip the Oscars, don't go or watch wrestling, and wait for Potter to go DVD! It's much cheaper and safer as well!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Online Ad

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

The other day I was online and ran across an ad that said click here for more T-1 solutions for your business. I have been thinking about upgrading us to T-1 at the office or a long time now but I think the biggest thing that stops me is price… The last thing I want to do when I own my own business is spend money where I don't have to. I think this is one of those things though that will be an investment in the short term but in the long term will really pay for itself. I think it's important to have the right technology when you own your own company and I know my six employees would really appreciate if I sped things up around here. They've been asking me for faster internet for the last three years and I think they would be more excited than I was if I told them we were getting a new provider. I need to crunch the numbers but all signs are pointing towards T-1.

Online Ad

Wintertime? Let's Barbeque!

That's right, it's time to barbeque, actually it always time to BBQ and why not. Just because it's heading for the middle of winter doesn't mean you can't, or shouldn't, barbeque. It's all the more reason TO barbeque! What lifts the spirits on a dark, cold, bleak, and snowy day better than some BBQ'd ribs and maybe a nice grilled steak! Mmmmmmm, that's what I'm talking about! Of course I don't have those issues living in Central Florida and all, but I used to. It wouldn't be unusual for the neighbors to see me out at the grill in a snowstorm with my tongs and my leather welding gloves(perfect for handling the hot coals and hot grates) on cooking a steak or some chicken or whatever. After a fashion they used to drop hints about how good it must taste when the weather was lousy and food choices were limited to indoor cooking - for them! A true BBQ person is not dissuaded by weather, unless it's lightning, but rather heartened by the smell of the smoke! Only in the winter in harsh weather is gas acceptable over charcoal(what true grillers use) because at least you have the internal strength to do what's right, to grill no matter what!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

End Social Security Now ......unless

That's right. End Social Security, Retirement and Disability, NOW! That's what the Conservative spin doctors would like you to think and vote on accordingly. Pick the Republican candidate of your choice, they're all the same in thought and practice and differ only on the amount of wealth they possess, and vote them in to oust President Obama from The White House. No other reason than to remove Barack Obama. Not to make corrections. Not to help the people. Not to feed the poor. Just to get Obama out of the White House. I guess they feel a black man doesn't belong in the White House. I'm never thought that could be true but I'm seeing the opposite I'm sorry to say. Allow me to continue my thoughts.

I have a relative, she will remain nameless, who firmly believes that Social Security is a bad thing and should be removed from our society. Gone! Finito! See Ya! She and her husband live on 1 full time and 1 part time income. They have a mortgage. They pay into a 401k plan. One new car and one older car. Pay deductibles when using their health insurance. One has a progressively degenerative disease while the other has had a history of back problems. Good thing they have health insurance that they can afford.

unless .....

One income is lost.

The full time earner has a major back issue.

Degenerative disease worsens sooner than later to a disabled level.

Health insurance at full time employer rises sharply in price, or discontinued completely.

Home foreclosure.

Unemployment lasting longer than unemployment(unless unemployment has been abolished already).

Death of one spouse.

These are all but a few of the reasons why we should NOT terminate Social Security. The 1% don't need Social Security because they will never have a need for it. They can pay CASH if they have to, most if not all of the 99% cannot! I ask you why would we want to support people who would ordinarily never recognize that you ever existed when we have, and could have, health and financial support available? If we remove all restrictions on Wall Street how will that effect you? The rich will become richer and the poor will, well you know the remained of that one because you're seeing it happen right now.

So let's see where this couple could be if some of these events should happen and Social Security Retirement and Disability were gone from America.

Well, since one has a disability that has been with them for most of their life it's determined to be a Preexisting Condition and therefor NOT COVERED by insurance but they knew that because they read the full policy. Right? Medicine specific to this condition might not be covered because it's too expensive with no generic or considered experimental by law. So sad, too bad! No Soc Sec Disability either. Better hope your spouse gets a big raise real soon. Remember? You voted to eliminate it.

Income? Wow, thank the heavens you have that 401k plan but too bad the market crashed because so many people are out of work and the big employers moved out of the country because the tax incentives were too good to pass up. It really didn't matter if it crashed or not because you're still too young to withdraw 401k funds without major penalties and taxes. Sorry, you voted out public assistance as well because it was a "drain on society for people who didn't want to work". If you did happen to be old enough and there was a crash you'd still be rowing against a strong tide because there wouldn't be any buffer left for you since Soc Sec Retirement would be gone as well.

National Health, Socialized Medicine, whatever you want to call it would be a great thing for America. No, it won't make us Communists like the GOP wants you to believe. Last time I looked Britain and Canada were still democratic nations, in fact the majority of Europe has a national health program in place in one form or another. America will be better than them by letting our citizens die in the streets(yes, they do every day and you would know that if you actually cared) because no health care was available to them. Most of these people paid into Social Security most of their lives and now when they need the help the most we decide to pull the rug out from under them. Probably wouldn't matter anyhow since you need an address in order to collect what's due you but since you have no benefits you're forced to live on the streets. That must be what a viscous circle is in real life. What's more is the fact that you're part of the 99% and the 1% could care less whether you lived or died. Think on that before you waste your vote on the 1% candidates.

One last thing for you you think about and try to visualize.

Will this be the future face of America? It could be if we turn our backs on each other just to support the 1% who don't care if this is you or someone else.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Contact sensors

Thanks to Darwin Barton

Most home alarm systems have the usual door sensors where when you open any door on the perimeter of the house it will set off the alarm or at least ring with a chime sound. I highly recommend if you are looking at adding home security to your house that you take a look at the ADT home security sensors that they use for windows and other openings that are more than just doors. I personally wanted window sensors because I live in a ranch style home where all of my windows are on ground level. If someone knew I have an alarm system on my home they would assume that the doors are secure but they would also probably assume that the windows are not. This is why it is so important to make sure you secure all of the openings on your home with contact sensors. You will notice that when you open any window or door it will tell you on the control panel which window or door it is. This is what makes me feel so much safer in my home.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The New Courtship Ritual?

Something that I really got into watching on TV was the Bachelorette. This season was all about a girl named Ally. Ally had been on a previous show called the Bachelor. She was one of the finalists but ended up getting kicked off when the guy on the bachelor picked someone else to propose to. I know this is such a crazy concept to think that someone might find the person of their dreams on a television show that has candidates to be your mate picked out by probably a team of people working for the show. Anyway, Ally was picked to be the next bachelorette after everyone felt so sorry for her when she was not chosen to be the one the bachelor loved. I forget how many candidates Ally started out with, but I think it was around twenty-five. So each week she would get to eliminate one or two candidates that she did not like to narrow down her choices to hopefully one person that she would want to marry. She finally picked this guy named Roberto. And, Ally and Roberto got engaged. Now someone just told me that Ally and Roberto just broke their engagement. I think that The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are both rigged and are just a way for some people to make money. I sincerely doubt that anyone could find the person that they should marry on a television show.