Saturday, December 17, 2011

So Many Options

The Author of this post is Herman Barry

There are so many direct TV deals out there this time of year I hardly know which one to pick. The kids have been on me forever to get more TV channels but to be honest I’m a little worried that if I do they’re never going to give me the time of day! It seems like technology has really taken over our lives in a way I wasn’t expecting it to – I think once they both hit high school was when it became a real problem. My daughter is always, ALWAYS texting and my son’s all about his video games…I wouldn’t mind any of this too much if they had actual human interactions every once and a while but it seems like most of what they do these days is in front of a computer screen. I love my kids to death but I don’t want to doom them by not making sure they get plenty of social skills before they go off to college. I know this is normal but I can’t take it!

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