Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The New Courtship Ritual?

Something that I really got into watching on TV was the Bachelorette. This season was all about a girl named Ally. Ally had been on a previous show called the Bachelor. She was one of the finalists but ended up getting kicked off when the guy on the bachelor picked someone else to propose to. I know this is such a crazy concept to think that someone might find the person of their dreams on a television show that has candidates to be your mate picked out by probably a team of people working for the show. Anyway, Ally was picked to be the next bachelorette after everyone felt so sorry for her when she was not chosen to be the one the bachelor loved. I forget how many candidates Ally started out with, but I think it was around twenty-five. So each week she would get to eliminate one or two candidates that she did not like to narrow down her choices to hopefully one person that she would want to marry. She finally picked this guy named Roberto. And, Ally and Roberto got engaged. Now someone just told me that Ally and Roberto just broke their engagement. I think that The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are both rigged and are just a way for some people to make money. I sincerely doubt that anyone could find the person that they should marry on a television show.

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