Saturday, December 17, 2011

So Many Options

The Author of this post is Herman Barry

There are so many direct TV deals out there this time of year I hardly know which one to pick. The kids have been on me forever to get more TV channels but to be honest I’m a little worried that if I do they’re never going to give me the time of day! It seems like technology has really taken over our lives in a way I wasn’t expecting it to – I think once they both hit high school was when it became a real problem. My daughter is always, ALWAYS texting and my son’s all about his video games…I wouldn’t mind any of this too much if they had actual human interactions every once and a while but it seems like most of what they do these days is in front of a computer screen. I love my kids to death but I don’t want to doom them by not making sure they get plenty of social skills before they go off to college. I know this is normal but I can’t take it!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Planning For Retirement Early

My wife and I are trying to decide what will be best for us as we go into our retirement years. We're seeing a big push against nationalized medicine in the United States and we both realize that if we should happen to have an unforeseen major illness in the household it could financially cripple us and put us back to work when we should be looking at enjoying our later years. This is still quite a ways off. We did decide to do one thing though that may or may not benefit us but there is a trade off to get it. We're contemplating retiring to Canada where health care is appreciated for its population and is very well respected for its quality. Since it will be cold no matter where in Canada we go, in the winter that is, we decided to vacation there first. What area of Canada are we going? We came up with three areas to try, the Lake Louise area in Alberta, Calgary the home of the famous Stampede, and Newfoundland where my mothers side of the family came from.

We originally purchased a home in Central Florida with the expectation that we'd retire into our existing home, hopefully paid off by the time we retired. However, with the ever increasing costs for prescriptions, hospitals, doctors, and or other services we're realizing that this country, the country we were born in, could care less about it's citizens and would rather help companies realize greater profit from the citizens it serves rather than take care of them. Canada for some reason is quite a bit more affordable to be cared for in. Former President Bush Jr even tried to keep Canadian medicines from being purchased by Americans because it is so much cheaper to buy there than here, where it's made.

I think spending some quality time in different areas of Canada will satisfy our questions and help us make up our minds. When and if the housing market returns to a profitable level we may sell up and move north, where it's citizens are respected and treated with care and cared for in an affordable way.