Sunday, November 20, 2011

GOP Candidates Reveal Plans Too Early!

The GOP, or Grand Old Politicians, have revealed their intents to America finally, care of Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry! This will be a short article as it doesn't need any further comment. The comments of these politicos speak for the party.

Rick Perry in his Alzheimer's speech expressed a need to dissolve the Department of Education and the Department of Commerce, to name two of the three. I'm excluding the Energy Dept. as it isn't relevant to this information.

Okay, monitoring of education and the work force will be gone!

Newt Gingrich just recently stated the need to eliminate the minimum age a person can collect Social Security, reducing the minimum wage, and even going on to agree with historian David Barton who claims that Jesus opposes the minimum wage. WHAT? Jesus said that? When was this? How much did Barton have to drink when he wrote this? This is one of the reason why we have a separation of church and state! We need to maintain this separation firmly!! I digress.

One last GOP decision. Get rid of all the Mexicans in America. Put up a double fence and run electricity through it to keep them out!

How will the GOP tacticians explain to the farmers in the southern states that their crops will have to die on the trees and vines because Americans are too good to pick your produce. It's too hard and it's too hot and their backs hurt. The Mexican immigrants were able to do the work and were happy to get the work so now explain to the farmers why they can't have the needed labor to supply the tables of America with their wares. The GOP 'decision makers' are sitting on their fat arses because they've shot themselves in both feet at once. There I go and digress again.

Okay, here's how I see it. I may be wrong but I don't think I could be off by much here.

We chase away the needed labor for the American farms so they can't bring needed goods to market.

We require our elder citizens to continue to work later in life after they've put in more work that most will ever do in their lives.

We lower the minimum wage so multiple jobs will be required, where there are none right now(Jobs Bill people).

We eliminate the oversight of educational requirements in American so we can be the stupidest labor based 1st world country in the world creating a poor/wealthy standard. Keep people poor and ignorant and you control the nation!

I saw Rick Santorum on television today addressing Gay marriage. Who really cares about Gay marriage right now? People need work to support their families and he thinks Gay marriage is a hot topic!

When is the GOP going to work with the President on a jobs bill. They complain and vote it down but offer nothing useful in return. Why are they re-elected?

They're re-elected because the schools don't teach our children HOW and WHY to vote. They don't teach them impartially how to select a candidate to represent them. Social Studies? They teach our children squat, never have-never will be useful.

That's another reason to keep America stupid. When we need required education the most they want to remove the safety's and destroy what control we do have.

The Republican Party that I belonged to in the 70's and early 80's is dead. It doesn't exist anymore or else I wouldn't be an Independent. It's an abomination and a disgrace what's happened to it.

I hope America is content top have India and China pass us. In education I think they already have. Don't complain when you talk to Microsoft and get someone in India answering. Microsoft knows why and it's not just because it's cheaper.