Friday, October 14, 2011

Is Socialism, or Communism, in America's Future?

I'm not making a statement about the current president but rather a commentary about the state of affairs in the United States, and the rest of the world, right now and the foreseeable future. Economic forecasts are a hit better than bleak and millions have lots virtually the value of their homes to it.

What am I, a layman, seeing that would lead me to a conclusion such as the one in the title of this article? What's not to see. What has happened in the past, for those that actually paid attention in history class or watched the History Channel, when the masses rose up in large numbers to protest the oppressive state of affairs in their country. What happened to the Czars in Russia? It became the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic because a group of individuals offered a 'ray of hope' to the 'down-trodden masses' and they stood behind the new banner of hope, care of Lenin, Marx, and Trotsky. In Germany it was a bit more militaristic but the situation the people were in after the Treaty of Versailles has a shade of familiarity to it with regard to lost currency value and rising costs of basic goods, not to mention lack of employment(sound familiar). The 'down-trodden ' masses rallied behind Hitler, Goebbels, and Goring as their saviors. In hindsight, not a wise decision but a decision made from desperation during difficult times.

While I'm not really saying that Fascism, Socialism, or Communism is knocking at our doors I am saying that we must keep a firm grasp of the reality of our situation. We have corruption in Washington D.C., plain and simple and I believe it's more widespread than it appears at face value. We all have to acknowledge that every senator and representative in the Capital is NOT given a multi-million dollar salary. Correct? So how is it that the longer term politicians always seem to leave office as millionaires? Why do we, the citizens of the United States, allow our elected officials to accept money from ANY source other than their elected salary? Why do we not make it a crime to allow a politician to accept any compensation, whether cash or consideration or material goods, from potentially biased sources that do not have the interests of the American people first and foremost? How many politicians receive money from Big Oil? From Drug Companies? From Banking Institutions? From Wall Street Corporations? I'm talking about both sides of the Congress, not just the one you may think I was going to direct this at. When I vote I never vote by party, I vote for the person I think is going to represent us the best out of the field of candidates running. It's not always an easy task given what we have to deal with.

President Obama is taking the majority of the heat for the economy right now and it goes with the job unfortunately. Granted, this has been coming since the Reagan administration to a lesser degree, reversed during the Clinton administration to a surplus economy, and thrown in the septic tank with George Junior. Obama is now the lucky broom holder and I do not envy that job because he'll be wrong no matter what he does to try to fix things. Allow me to get to my point since diverging to the list of blame receivers, even though Congress has, and had, the final say in all things economic, not the presidents. Recently a jobs bill was put to Congress to vote on and was defeated with pride by the GOP. Okay, it's what they said they would do. Candidates have also publicly stated that their main goal in 2012 is to defeat Barack Obama. What about home values, jobs, health care, domestic industry to name but a few? Wonder why people are camping out in parks protesting what's going on in America? This country of ours is sick and needs healing. It's not going to be healed by the church, big business, China, Mexico, fairies, or leprechauns! It has to be healed with hard decisions and bold visionaries. We need to be looking ahead and not dwelling on yesterday or today, in a few hours today will be yesterday and you can't affect the past with today's decisions!

One last point before I stop typing.

The conservative branch of Congress, for some reason, is reluctant to go after 'big money' for tax revenues. Many wealthy individuals, Warren Buffet to name one, have expressed a desire to help the country and pay their fair share of taxes. Why won't Congress accept their money? I honestly don't know. The politicians that are the most adamant about going after tax revenues seem to want to get it from the soon to be 'poor middle class', eliminate the 'poor class', and protect the 'wealthy class'. Should we be looking into where these officials are getting their 'contributions' from? I think that's long overdue! Should their financial interests be publicly printed? They're supposed to be but is that ALL their compensation that they will either be getting or have received in other ways? I don't know but I'm wondering more and more every time I see a senator or representative say the rich 'need the money so they can reinvest back into business to keep America working'. The corporations that are getting all the breaks are investing in jobs, they're just not jobs in the United States! Why is that? There's more profit to be made in using cheap foreign labor and materials then selling this junk back to Americans through an American company name.

Why are everyday people that ordinarily would never camp out and protest now doing just that? It's time to stop the economic greed in this country or a sometime down the road in our future we could be calling each other comrade.

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