Friday, September 9, 2011

Some Things Change, Others Don't.

A while back, a very friend of mine went into the hospital for a surgical procedure. The condition that they entered into having this done was that they needed to be put to sleep for a short while. No big deal, take a nice nap and wake up all done, maybe a little discomfort but like I said - Done! No one mentioned the walking from here to there in a , or should I say infamous, hospital gown. You know, a small sheet with arms and two short sleeves. Anybody who's ever been in the hospital knows what I'm talking about. The robe that has two small ties in the back which also don't line up with your butt. That's what goes on display when you go from here to there, of course! I don't know why they couldn't find some way to use soft cotton scrubs or even a disposable scrub or something, just to retain some assemblage of a person's dignity till they reach the operating theater. I know medical nursing scrubs wouldn't work because they'd have to cut them off of the patient and that would get expensive. I'm talking about paper scrubs or something along those lines that the hospital could buy for a lot less than fabrics but that could change quickly as well. A wide variety of scrubs can be obtained at if anyone wanted to acquire quality garments for personal or professional use.

I really feel for the patients in the post operative area where family or close friends tend to be while the patients regain their wits. This is a really bad time for the modest patient since they usually have an IV in one arm and they're trying desperately to keep their classic 'johnnie' closed with the other. Even if they made disposable tops or a top with a reusable adhesive like paper tape that has a limited use but will work for the short time it's needed. It may seem a small issue to some but for others it could mean putting off a necessary procedure due to modesty issues, which is ridiculous. I know paper clothes are manufactured because many service companies use them when dealing with contaminants so that all tainted materials get disposed of with the lowest expense involved. Just something to think about. Waiting in the sterile waiting room with the boring talk show or news program on and no remote to change the channel makes you think about many things to offset the tedium of waiting and it's amazing what you come up with and then forget when you're told the wait is over and to come in.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Get out of debt: Pay the right bills first

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