Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something Special

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

My Christmas present to my kids this year was something that they will never forget! My children are nine and twelve, and they have been talking about going to Disney World for the past three years. My husband had the idea then that we should start saving up for a vacation for the whole family to go to Disney down in Orlando for this upcoming Christmas. Even though it has meant that we have had to make sacrifices, it was worth every penny that we saved when our kids opened their present to go to Disney! My daughter, Olivia, started screaming and jumping up and down yelling that we were the best parents that she has ever had. Our son, Thomas, started crying and asked if he could call his grandma. To make sure that we could leave our house securely, I checked out http://allhomesecurity.COM to make us feel safe while we are in Orlando. My kids can’t wait to see their favorite characters and get their autographs! Disney World here we all come!

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