Saturday, July 2, 2011

Be Careful What You Do On Camera-You Never Know!

During the Casey Anthony murder trial the camera never sleeps, as this idiot waiter who got one of the elusive rare seats, found out the other day. This is a partial transcript of what he did, how he got caught, and how the judge felt about it.
(as reported on

"a spectator got a seat and into the courtroom and happened to be in camera view, clearly knew it and the judge said gave the one finger sign of affection, which i think you know what that means. it was not funny to the judge because it was on camera. quite frankly, it could have impacted the whole case here by affecting the jury's impartiality. a viewer watching notified a reporter in the courtroom via a twitter account of what happened in the background. that reporter notified a bailiff. a bailiff went over, whispered to the judge, they pulled the picture, looked at it and called up the 28-year-old who had been in the courtroom doing those antics and the judge was not pleased. he told him that he had jeopardized the whole case and then he gave him a very harsh judgment. he sentenced him to six days in jail, a $400 fine, $200 plus fine associated with court costs and things moved on. i guess this 28-year-old kid, a waiter at tgi fri days learned there's no goofing around. this is a murder trial."

The RAW video of the indiscretion:

Judge Perry held up a sign that was posted on the door leading into the courtroom that read "Any gesture, facial expression or audible comment showing approval or disapproval during a court proceeding is absolutely prohibited."

I'll bet he now wishes he picked his nose instead!