Friday, June 3, 2011

Send Me Your Birthday and SocSec Number Today!

They may as well say it just that way! Identity thieves want your specifics in order to skillfully rob you of your hard earned savings or credit or worse, your life! This sounds to outrageous to be true but unfortunately it's truer than one might think. Every year more people than I care to count have gotten twinners. Twinners are those shadowy people that have become you, essentially making you both co-owners of your money and credit, not a good member of the family to have. The easiest way to spot fraudulent activity in your financial life, aside from checking your bank account daily, is a credit report from the three credit bureaus in the country. These days it's so easy to get your credit score that you could actually trip over the offers that are out there for those not credit bureau savvy, like me.

"I'll get to it later", "not right now, I'm busy", "not on the weekend, I'll do it Monday I guess". What a bunch of lame excuses! You don't have to look very far to find an offer for a free credit score. What's the problem with that. The majority of these sites are very legitimate because some of them would like to offer you protection from financial evil do-ers and nare-do-wells! I tell you one thing, it's a lot easier to check your score(s) and feel better or be warned early than to have to get your score(s) to bring with you to the police department to press charges against unknown individuals. By the time they catch up with them it's usually cost you quite a bit of whatever savings you may have retained and chance are it could be years to get your credit corrected properly and your good name cleared. Some people never fully recover from this kind of attack and feel the effects for years.

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