Thursday, March 17, 2011

What a Time They've Had.

That's right, they don't smoke on purpose because it's their house that smoked and soaked. A few weeks ago my 2nd cousin Steve in Austin decided to make a deep fried turkey, like I often do. The only differences between myself frying a bird and Steve is that I don't use propane and if I did I wouldn't do it on my back porch. See where I'm going with this folks? The good news is that the house he owns with his wife Danielle and their 2 sons(I hope they don't learn to cook from daddy) is still in one piece but a bit dark in a few spots and smells like a wood smoker has been placed in the kitchen. Oh joy, Danielle is off her chain over this because that house 'was' her pride and joy for the past 8 years. I'd then been searching around for them for some fire and water damage restoration companies because their water damage insurance agent is as useful as a piece of dried wood. I guess he figured that unless you lived in Corpus Christi you had no water worries, wrong! I found a few that can handle smoke damage in the austin area as well as dehumidification austin area services as well.

I really feel bad for Danni and the kids though as it's been a huge disruption in their lives, not to mention the scare they had not knowing if they were going to have a home to go back to after the fire. Fortunately, the austin fire dept did a remarkable job in suppressing the conflagration and kept the damage isolated to the kitchen area of the house. However, smoke knows no boundaries when it comes to permeating the walls and furniture in adjacent rooms. That brings me to the final, and most effected, area being the smokey water damage. I don't know how bad it really was as I haven't been able to get to see them since the fire but I do remember when the downstairs kitchen of the 2 family house I grew up in in the north caught fire. Even the upstairs smelled like smoke for weeks and there was no damage at all on our floor. I digress as I've spoken of this before. The steam cleaning restoration company I found that can clean smoke, as well as water, damage for austin residents said it wouldn't be a problem as that's what they do every day.

I hope that before I get to see them they don't have a tornado to boot and have to deal with wind damage, unless it clears all the smokey essence from the house. I doubt it though. I know the pro's can do it better than I can but every little bit helps.


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