Thursday, December 23, 2010

Record Rainfall And Seasonal Snow

Authored by Greg Fletcher

It happened just the other day after it had been raining all night and most of the day. The first snow of the winter began coming down, at first just a few flakes and then much heavier until we had a ground cover of snow more than 4 inches deep. I thought it was incredible just the way this first snowfall happened.

Of course, since it was early in the season yet, this precious gift of beauty melted away quickly due to the high temperatures that had left the ground too warm to accommodate the icy flakes. Just getting to see this wonderful sight for just a short time was a sight to behold. I have always enjoyed the awesome beauty of freshly fallen snow, before the world gets out there to destroy it.

After spending time watching the drips begin to take their toll on this winter wonderland, I thought I should be getting back to my daily routine. Part of that routine is catching up on the latest news and weather reports, so I turned on my TV and heard about the record rainfall and the unseasonal snow that had just blanked our area of the state. That was kind of funny because I could have told everyone about that.

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