Friday, December 3, 2010

Get Your Gear Going.

Recently, a very close relative of mine went into the hospital for a small surgical procedure. The condition that they entered into having this done was that they needed to be put to sleep. I went in the back with them while they were being prepared for their meeting with the surgeon and was surprised at the nurses in the back. The scrubs of old were gone and all these new, colorful scrubs were everywhere, even with the male nurses. Looking at them the last thing I would have thought was that they were cheap nursing scrubs or something, mainly because of the way they fit and looked. I know cotton scrub uniforms would be great for the staff because of the comfort and breath-ability of the natural fabric as opposed to the synthetics of the past. I think this would work because they're always looking for some new ways to lift the spirits of the patients. Nothing looks more depressing than everyone in the same scrubs. I looks too sterile!

I really feel for the patients in the post operative area where family or close friends tend to be while the patients regain their wits. This is a tough time for most patients since they usually have an IV in one arm and they're trying desperately to keep their drafty gown closed closed only to be reminded of where they are, especially so if everyone looks like a military unit in the same uniforms. Even if they made nursing uniforms according to the rank of the nurses so patients, and visitors, could pick out the level of staff they're looking for to answer appropriate questions or obtain needed services. It may seem a small issue to some but little things add up when it comes to patient morale. Waiting in the waiting room thinking about things and this was just one of them.

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