Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stupid Americans!

I've been reading and hearing about the children in America not getting enough education and how the rest of the world is passing us by. Sheer arrogance has taught this country that we have the best and brightest, but we sadly don't. Once upon a time we did but we chose not to compete on the education front and now it's biting us in the rump big time. I hear parents concerns that changing the school hours to longer days and shorter vacation spans will disrupt the work environment of the parents, whether single or dual. It's funny how modernization has also caused the 'dumbing' down of America. Both parents are working full time and the kids often leave and return from school with the parents nowhere in sight, latch-key kids to the extreme. There are quite a few school systems, in budget cutting mode, that have even eliminated physical education programs that once were required before a teen could graduate high school. Now we have fat and dumb kids, compared to the rest of the world. Sorry, but it's true and all you have to do is open your eyes to see it. The kids need to learn more if they are to survive in a stable environment and have the ability to provide for themselves and their families down the road without creating a massive welfare state. Uneducated people give up on things that are more complicated more easily than someone with an educated mind would and their children will almost always follow the lead of the parents and create the proverbial vicious circle of state reliance to live. The cure? Is there one? I think there is but it's going to take some bi-partisan support from lawmakers and voters alike to accomplish. Better day care for latch-key students, more funding for proven educational programs, better special education programs(special ed doesn't mean stupid), return to phys ed requirements and remove unhealthy food from the schools(soda, chips, candy, etc.), longer school days that are productive, elimination of grade levels and base it on ability levels, less summer time off to forget what was just learned(3-4 weeks is appropriate), make bullying a felony where second offense legally affects the parents for not doing their job properly, proper sex education at an earlier age because they see more negative education on television before they reach age 12 than schools can correct by age 16. We have to be realistic about educating our youth as they'll be holding the reigns when we can't anymore and do you think some dumb adult is going to care if you get a disease or not when your 78 or if your retirement doesn't even pay for aspirin, let alone proper food? Think about it before someone who can't think for themselves does the thinking for you and the rest of the country!

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