Monday, September 6, 2010

Chantix and Me redux

I've gotten emails from people who want to sue Pfizer for making the evil drug Chantix. I greatly disagree with them. I firmly believe that Chantix is a wonderful drug that did for me what they said it would do, allow me to finally quit smoking with no going back. I'm heading to my 4th anniversary being smoke free and I 100% endorse Pfizer for Chantix. If you really, really wanted to quit for good and you did happen to have a side effect from it and that made you stop too soon then you really didn't want to quit in the first place and you're now looking to blame someone with money you can get. I had NO side effects and quitting was a snap and easy as hell to do. Don't let a bunch of whiny, money grubbing people dissuade you from quitting by using Chantix, it really works!

I am republishing this article from last October for current consideration!

The recent articles on Chantix as a smoking cessation medication have reported negative side effects and may well be valid, for some individuals. I, for one, am an exception to that situation. I had to arm twist(figuratively) my doctor to write me a prescription for it because I had been smoking for over 20 years, was tired of coughing, tired of wheezing in bed trying to sleep, tired of the cost, and tired of stinking of tobacco all the time! I started the program (without using any of the support services they offer customers) on May 5th of 2007. I wanted a date to easily remember (Cinqo de mayo). I followed the instructions on the starter pack and by the end of the first week I no longer had a desire to smoke. I had no craving for a cigarette. I had no food cravings or other oral substitutions to replace the cigarette, and most importantly I had no indication of ANY withdrawal at all! None, Nada, Nicht, Nyet! Since that date my doctor still asks me how many cigarettes I'm down to because my blood pressure and blood chemistry look so much better. I give him the same answer I gave him when I went back for the second refill prescription - none! I took the Chantix for 8 weeks and stopped because I felt I was past the worst of it(missing the habit of lighting up) and had no desire for a smoke at all. This coming Cinqo de Mayo of 2010 will be my 3rd anniversary of being smoke free. Another benefit I realized from being on the Chantix was that I could stand in the middle of a group of smokers and feel NO compunction to light up, even just one.

There is one requirement to being on Chantix and being successful with it! This is a very important item now and you must pay close attention if your planning on opting for this route! I have seen a few friends fail the Chantix program because they didn't have this one requirement firmly in place. Ready for the answer? It's an easy one that has a higher failure rate if not seriously considered.

You deep down have to WANT to quit smoking. You need a reason that is important to you to keep in your mind that wants you to quit. Mine was coughing when trying to laugh, wheezing, shortness of breath doing simple physical tasks, high blood pressure and all of that while entering my 50's. I don't want to die! I want to live! The cigarettes were going to kill me before I was ready to go and I want to live as long as I can, without oxygen tanks or riding in scooters or having chemo tubes hanging out of me!

I want to point out to anyone who may feel apprehensive about taking Chantix after reading the Stephen King version of side effects. The government requires ALL reported effects to be listed, even if the product didn't cause it because the treatment was in place and it was considered relevant to be reported as raw data.

I did not have ANY side effect that was listed, or unlisted, during the time I took this medication. I'm not from the planet Krypton, I'm not bionic, and I don't attend Hogwarts School of Magic and Wizardry! I am an average Joe who achieved success in my desire to quit smoking everything. I felt GREAT while I took it and felt the benefits soon afterward while my system was weening the nicotine out of my brain and bloodstream and tissues. I've been able to lose weight and not feel a replacement habit to be in order and I'm able to list myself as smoke free for insurance purposes now, which also saves money!

If anyone has ANY questions about Chantix and would like my take on it just leave a comment and I'll be happy to help. To set the record straight, I don't work for Pfizer (makers of Chantix) and I'm not being compensated for this article. They are just my honest thoughts that I wanted to share with anyone who may be interested, especially since the negativity that surrounds Chantix may not be coming from health related sources entirely. There are some that will lose revenue if too many people stop smoking. You know who they are! Ride em' cowboy!

I will be repeating this article on all my blogs today for full exposure to me varied readers. Please excuse the redundancy for my writing. David.


Jack in Plano, TX said...

Dave - Thanks for sharing.

I am a 66 year old man who has smoked since age 13 - If my math is correct that is 53 years. I consistently smoked about 1 1/2 packs a day.

I started Chantix on September 1,2010, with my first no smoking day scheduled as 9-8,10. That day came and went and I am still smoking but a couple of things have changed:

I can easily go 8 hours a day without smoking

I don’t have the withdrawal cravings .

The good taste is gone.... The only cigarette I get any pleasure out of is the 1st of the day - It’s like it “Wakes up the medication” and away goes the taste.

Sat. 9-18-10 /- 7 Cigarettes

Sun. 9-19-10 /- 6 Cigarettes

Mon. 9-20-10 /- 6 Cigarettes

Tue. 9-21-10 /- 6 Cigarettes

Wed. 9-22-10 /- 5 Cigarettes

The only side effect is I don’t sleep as well as normal and I do have dream issues. I can handle these effects for the benefit.

I plan to continue the Chantix with the hope of totally quitting soon.

Has anyone else had this type of experience? Would love to hear from you..

I agree with what others have said - “You deep down have to WANT to quit smoking.”

Jack in Plano, TX

Dave said...

Actually Jack, it's a common theme. I happen to have quit pretty fast but the ultimate goal is to be rid of them for good and it can take time. You're still in the early part of it but don't expect the 'miracle' to happen all at once. Anything worth doing is worth doing well and you've got the right attitude for it. The first monkey to get off your back is the NEED to light up then the rest comes more easily. 53 years is a lot of nicotine you break away from and I wish you all the best of luck. I'm sure you'll do fine. I see you've had some issues with dreams and sleep. I've heard this with people who've smoked most of their lives. Maybe it's the nicotine's way of saying don't quit. I never had any dream issue but my brother did and he quit trying to quit and now his health is suffering. I'd take a few dreams and be healthier in the long run any day! The ultimate reward is the clean chest x-ray.