Saturday, April 24, 2010

WHY? WHY? WHY? That's So Stupid!

I'm, currently assembling my list of the most ridiculous things that are going on that I have encountered either on news programs, Internet, or established media such as newspapers and magazines, and even first-hand accounts from those involved.

WHY? Why are we, the taxpayers, paying for Casey Anthony's defense in the murder, whether accidental or deliberate, beyond the Public Defenders Office? Isn't that what they're there for? Why are we being compelled to pay for higher profile attorneys and at the same time we are paying for the prosecution of her? Isn't that a conflict of interest? Isn't that a backdoor for other criminal defendants to take advantage of? If I were a criminal I would sure as shootin' demand a pricey attorney to 'rep' me just like she did. Fair is fair! Above I mentioned accidental murder and yes, I know they're two different things unless there is a criminal cover-up of the accident which could make it not so accidental. I know she was mighty torn up about her daughters disappearance that she had to go out partying right away, and a friend of the father stated that he was told by her father that it was an accident. BTW, if I'm not mistaken, wasn't O.J. going to make a confession while under Robert Shapiro's counsel, until Johnnie C. showed up that is. What happened to that suit bag Kardashian removed from the estate that fateful day that never reappeared. Maybe it was an 'accident' in that case as well. Just an opinion and you can do what you will with it. I just don't like having to pay for a stupid girl's crime who never should have had a baby in the first place if she wasn't ready to assume the proper responsibility for it.

WHY? Why are we one of the few countries in the 'first world' that can't operate off-shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico near Florida? Oh yes, that's right, the tourists will see ugly oil rigs supplying oil to America to supply it's daily needs without a foreign gun to our heads. Oh yes, that's right, there will be a major pollution problem washing up along the shorelines of the Gulf Coast which we can't allow to happen. Wake up stupid people, it's on-going as we speak but we're not doing it. It's being done by countries that could give a crap because they're just outside the limit where we can tell them not to do it. We have, to name a couple, the Chinese and British off of our coastline right now. Well, we did up till a few days ago when the British rig blew up and sunk, spilling how many barrels of crude? I don't rightly know. We, in America, have rules about the safety and building requirements of our rigs within the territorial waters but what are the rules for other countries? I don't know either.

WHY? American Idol!
Why do I care what Simon Cowell earns and what he drives?
Why do I care if Ryan Seacrest is Gay or not?
Why do I care if Paula Abdul is a substance abuser or not?
Why do I care if a singer is Gay or has a police record at all? Don't most rappers want the street 'creds' of the incarcerated to boast sales? George Michael and Elton John? Enough said to kill that argument folks.
Why do I care if the show is a complete 'snooze fest' and waste of one hour of a human beings existence?
Why do I care if Ellen is called one of the 'guys' by her female co-host (what's her name again?). Who cares.
Why is this mockery still on the air? I have no idea, you tell me!

Why? Dancing with the Stars!
What the hell is that all about and why are these talented dancers, aside for the steady work, doing this garbage with these sports and elderly, or otherwise out of work actors? Kate "come and get your popcorn" Gosselin stinks! She dances like a semi-warmed over corpse and with the makeup they use on her she looks the part as well. Wayne Newton? Give me a break! He looked more like Vanna White pointing to the letter board while the 'real' dancer took the spotlight. After all that, who got the spotlight? He did! What trash.

WHY? Why did I even watch a couple of these shows? Well, as for American Idol I can only give 2 words to redeem the rest of the garbage they've put out, Kelly Clarkson. She was the best thing to ever come out of that show. Carrie Underwood is good, don't get me wrong, but for sheer POW it's got to be Kelly! I can't name any other 'notables', that ever won, that have stayed the test of time.

WHY? Local Fox TV News anchor John Wilson in the Tampa Bay market. Hard Right, Christian, and openly opinionated! What happened to unbiased journalism? That's right, it's Fox I'm talking about. Time to retire John, the population live in multi-religious, multi-political houses now, not omni-religious(your choosing) or omni-political(yours again) caves! Your son Mark, also a Fox anchor, appears to be still in the current loop and hasn't become a 'coot' and hopefully he never will, he's a good journalist. The problem this nation suffers with the most is closed mindedness!

WHY? I have appointments to keep and I'll return of more later. That's my opinion and you can take or leave it, your choice. That's the American way after all!

Continued later in the day ....

WHY? Why do television stations insist on putting that damned information bar at the bottom of the screen? Invariably, this is to highlight what the story is about and will, 99.9% of the time, cover the video of the event so you cannot see what happened or read a caption that's needed to make sense of the video. Case in point, I watched a clip of Tiger Woods missing a putt. Maybe I should have said that I was SUPPOSED to be watching the putt until the banner of death covered it saying he missed the putt! I may have wanted to see the shot but they must think we're all mentally challenged and are unable to think and view at the same time! Maybe the Golden Age of Radio really was golden after all. Did I mention also that when your trying to watch your show they will ALWAYS put an ad for another sappy show they're trying to push down your throat that will also cover about 15-20% of the screen while it shows a typed graphic along with an idiot moving around while smiling at you. Why are they smiling? They're smiling because they know they're screwing up your show. What shows won't I watch later? You guessed it! Break out the ad free DVD's!

WHY? Back to television and the news specifically. All news programs, except NPR broadcasts and public broadcasting TV stations. An example if I may. "Good evening everybody, Russian missiles have been tracked coming over the North Pole heading for America, but first we go to Goober, Idaho where a 2 year old puppy found his way 200 miles back home to Bumshank Falls and American Idol eliminates another contestant. Jim, what's in store for the weekend weather?". You know I'm not far off the mark here and it irritates the living hell out of me because you know the story your holding your pee in to hear won't be on till the end of news, right after we hear how the tennis match turned out! Support public television, at least they put all their commercials (sponsor plugs) in one segment at the end or the beginning.

To be continued.

WHY? I say, WHY, on Earth is Conan O'Brien still bitching and moaning about how he got 'shafted' by Jay Leno and NBC? He got a 7 figure severance package for crying out loud! Most of us 'real' people will never live to know what 1 million dollars is like, let alone the huge sum he received for being a lousy comedian! Hollywood is a cut-throat town, the movie and television industry are cut-throat industries and if Mr. Unfunny O'Brien hasn't figured that out yet then he's a bigger moron than I thought he was, but that's just my opinion. I could live a very happy, unstressed, fun filled life with his severance package, but that's more money than I'll ever need or use. Hey Conan, you want my sympathy and support in your lame arsed beef with Jay and NBC? Forget it faster than people will soon forget you! Remember, the people you're trying to get behind you are among the many unemployed in the country and sympathy for your monetary dreams will fall on deaf ears fast while they're trying to figure out how to feed their family's every day. What a cold hearted jerk!

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