Friday, January 1, 2010

Fox TV vs. Brighthouse Networks for Cash - SLB to Me!

There is an ongoing battle of the wills between Fox Television and cable provider Brighthouse Networks over customers, also known as CASH! Fox wants a sum of money per customer for the signal they provide to Brighthouse. Basically, they want a piece of the cable carriers pie. Television spots by Fox have painted a negative picture of Brighthouse saying that they will be no longer carrying the Fox programming as of today, as a matter of fact, and that Fox viewers on BH will be denied American Idol, college football games, House, etc. How awful of BH to do that to it's customers. How awful indeed that in order for customers to receive the signals in the first place BH must run cable, provide hardware and support just to name but a few. Fox, on the other hand, has to provide a signal to BH for them to broadcast to their customers. Sounds pretty simple and logical to me. Now my question is this. Why should BH pay them a damned penny for programming that's being paid for by advertising dollars to Fox already. Wouldn't that be like having to pay $1 at the pump each time for the ability to pump gas into your car to the government and then pay the tax that's already on the gas? That, to me, sounds like a WIN, WIN situation for Fox if they can pull that one off. One the other hand I have a solution to the whole problem.

My solution is this. Brighthouse will pay the requested fee to Fox for the signal that they pass along to their cable subscribers AND Fox will pay Brighthouse a percentage of the advertising revenue for the shows that they broadcast to the customers would would never see the ads without BH getting the signal to them! If this is not amenable to Fox there is another way they can .....wait a second. I'm sorry, this section is for the companies that advertise on Fox. They need to calculate the percentage of viewers that will NOT get the signal if Brighthouse does not relent and DEDUCT it from their advertising expense since they will be reaching far fewer viewers than before. Will this make Fox Television happy? Who gives a damn what makes them happy, it's all just plain old greed. Maybe someone is trying to regain lost capital to Bernie Madoff by requiring the end-user(the viewer) to pay the bill for stupidity. I don't know and I don't care because I use DirecTV and it doesn't effect me at all. I do, however, sympathize with the cable customers caught up in the greed of Fox.

My final thoughts on this are something that I haven't heard anyone mention yet. If Brighthouse agrees to make a payment to Fox they will be forced out of business and cable service will become too expensive to acquire for home viewers. Why is this? Simple, why shouldn't CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC America, Logo, HGTV .....the list goes on and on, get their piece of the pie that Fox required for them? If I ran one of those networks I'd be sure as hell up there demanding my cut if Fox is getting one. Fox is no better or entertaining than any other network so it should be equal across the board or nothing at all. I formally bestow upon Fox Television the first ever on this blog, the SLB Award! Cheers mates! Hope you enjoy the negative notoriety your getting for your 'poor us' stories on your news programs.