Thursday, October 1, 2009

Roman Polanski - Self Admitted Child Rapist

This will be short and bitter, nothing sweet about any of this. I just can't fathom the outpouring of support for Roman Polanski and how all these 'Hollywood types' think that he should be immune to legal and just prosecution for his crimes against a minor, whether that former child does not wish prosecution or not. HE RAPED A 13 YEAR OLD GIRL! HE IS A CHILD RAPIST. A PEDOPHILE! A SEXUAL PREDATOR! Who knows how many children he defiled in France, probably happily supplied by the child rapist protecting French.

I digress. I said this would be short but this maggot has my blood boiling.

My second point is friendships. You know the saying, "Birds of a feather, flock together!"? Look who came out in favor of Polanski right off the bat. The weasel who married his step daughter, Woody Allen. He has a taste for children, especially for one of his wife's children - Soon-Yi. How did Mia Farrow find out Allen was having a 'relationship with her daughter after being with Allen for 10 years? She discovered his relationship with her daughter after finding nude pictures of the girl, then 21, in Allen's apartment. That is just SO WRONG! I'm sorry, but that just isn't done in a moral society and shouldn't be condoned in France either but that's another story. Maybe we should take a look into the secret rooms and computer files of these 'movers and shakers' from Hollywood and see what pictures they store away. Maybe nothing, maybe .....

The bottom line is that anybody who condones this type of abhorrent behavior is probably guilty of similar issues but hasn't been caught yet. He admitted to knowing her age and admitted to having sex with her. She was 13 and no legal expectation of her knowing what she was getting into with a sexual predator and she should not have been put into jeopardy like that.

I wonder if MJ were still alive if he would run to his aid as well?

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